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The Center for

Holistic Healing & Art

Magnifying Love,
Light & Connection


Our mission is to provide you with tools and healing for a balanced and fulfilling life. We offer many ways to help you achieve this: classes and workshops, individual and group support, energy healing and many opportunities to help you connect to your spiritual side. This is all done in a loving and supportive space free of judgement and with the support of a like-minded community. 

We provide healing on multiple levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. We understand that when you are struggling there is often more than one area of your life that is impacted. We have a combined 50+ years of healing experience and we trust Divine guidance to use exactly what will be of the greatest benefit to help you move forward in a more positive way. 


Original Mandala by Holly Eden Morrow

“Faith” by Holly Eden Morrow

Physical Ailments:

We use a variety of healing modalities to address pain, muscle tension, limited mobility and to speed healing of most conditions.

Physical Healing Options:


Original Soul Mandala by Holly Eden Morrow

“Changes” by Holly Eden Morrow

Emotional Concerns:

We are emotion specialists! As empaths, we specialize in identifying what is at the heart of your emotional trouble, labeling it and assisting you to move into emotional wellness. Stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and self-doubt are just some of the issues we regularly help people with.

Emotional Healing Options:


Original Soul Mandala by Holly Eden Morrow

“OMGaia” by Holly Eden Morrow

Spiritual Connection:

We can help you connect with your loved ones in spirit, your angelic guides and guardians, help you see more clearly the path laid out in front of you and assist you in removing roadblocks to your success. If you are looking to increase your connection to Source and to the world around you, we have options.

We offer you the bridge to Spirit and to Source.

Options to Enhance Your Spiritual Connection:

  • Metaphysical Playground 5 part series- a deeper path to mediumship

  • Individual sessions to receive messaging from loved ones, guides and guardians as well as information to assist you on your life’s journey.

  • Three Medium Showcase provides 3 different ways of connecting to Spirit

  • Light Connection Sessions provides intense clearing of any and all blocks to your personal and professional success.

 These are just some of the options available – every interaction is personalized for your greatest and highest good!

We Wish You Light,
Amy Antonellis, Kristi Johnston, Andrea Kukulka