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Casa de Los Artistas
Casa de Los Artistas

197 what you ask? 197 days until we head off for our adventure in Mexico! It may sound far away, but I can tell you the time goes by quickly! I went to the Casa de los Artistas this past January on a purely art workshop and once I made my reservations, the time flew by. Amy, Andrea and I leave March 5, 2016 ( I wasn’t going to make you figure that out ;-)) for a week of Connection, Creativity and Healing. It’s going to be a week-long immersion in positive, uplifting energy that will leave you re-charged, focused and Spiritually elevated! Are you joining us?

Read more and make your reservations at:

I wish you Light,


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Today’s client brought to light a new Angel

Today’s client brought to light a new Angel.



I met Trish at the front door. It was great to see her again. Trish is one of those people that is pure sweetness, you look forward to a hug from her every time. Today, she was nervous, not her usual self. So we talked for a while, I was trying to calm her by chatting and laughing. It didn’t work as well as I had hoped, she was nervous about what she may hear in our Mediumship Reading today.

First, she heard from someone she never expected to. He had been waiting for her, he sat down at the table with her. In my eyes, it was quite cute. She learned a lot from him and began to release all the nervous energy that she had come in with.

Now, it’s not my habit to tell anyone what has happened in a session with a client, that information is theirs and theirs alone. Usually, I don’t even remember it, it’s not for me, so I get to let it go as soon as I speak the words. It’s a truly wonderful part of the process. However, this time, the lesson I learned from Raymond was so important, that with permission from my client, I had to share it. I’m getting to the part of the session that I really want to share now…



Updating with a better picture from the same day~

Raymond and the men.

See this man here? That’s my father-in-law Raymond. I really loved him. I didn’t know him for long because his son and I married in 2004 and we lived on the West Coast until 2008 before coming back back to Southern New England. We lost him a few years ago to Alzheimer’s Disease. ALZHEIMER’S SUCKS!

Raymond came into our reading today. He floored me, he’s never done that before. He’s actually only talked to me a few times since his passing. Well, let me tell you, he made up for lost time today. He’s appointed himself my helper and a bit of an ambassador to all those who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other diseases that steal away ones brain. He had so much to tell us both. I cried. I don’t usually, I’m not a crier, but I cried today. It’s not a great picture of him  I know (maybe I can update with a better pic tomorrow), but this is how I remember him, smiling and entertaining and down-right charming.

As time passes and I see more clients, I learn. I learn something new with each day. Today I not only learned more about the brain but I learned that I have a new angel who is here with me to help me in my work. Let me re-phrase that… My Angel Raymond is with me to help YOU to get through the internal suffering that comes from watching our loved ones fade away from us.

Love You Raymond



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Holy Fire

Holy Fire



Last night I had the privilege of hosting 13 beautiful beings for an evening of Holy Fire Reiki. Let me begin by telling you a bit about Holy Fire and my journey through Reiki… In 1994 I took my first Reiki class. I worked with and got to know Reiki for two years. Then in 1996 I took Usui Reiki II. That’s when everything began to change for me. Like most Reiki practitioners I became more physic and generally aware of the wholeness of the universe.  It was an amazing time for me. Then in 1998 I became a Reiki Master. I thought that my education with Reiki was done then. Oh Boy was I wrong. In 2012, I was asked to teach it, I fought that for the longest time. But then as it often happens, the universe put me right where I needed to be in order to go back and take two more classes. It was then that I went into Shamballa Reiki Master/Teacher classes. Shamballa was the tool I needed to begin to teach Reiki. It served me well!  Then 2014 came and I found that this brand new Reiki was calling me, I felt instantly connected to it as soon as I heard the name spoken. HOLY FIRE REIKI  …what a beautiful sound.
Holy Fire has come to we mere mortals via a man named William Rand in January of 2014. He taught Jessica Miller, who taught my Holy Fire Master, Susan Kinney. By February of 2015 I was in my 3rd Master/Teacher class and oh so happy to be there. I confess, I was a bit of a haunt. I just couldn’t wait to be attuned to this amazing form of Reiki. In Susan I found the right teacher for this student. It was three days of pure high vibration learning and practice. I was on my way. 
Now, with Holy Fire Reiki there is a “temporary tattoo”. That is to say a temporary attunement. It is a fabulous way for people to experience receiving and giving Reiki without any prior experience. For those who have had other Reikis, it is a way for them to feel the difference. Let me tell you… I feel a big difference between this form and others. For me, I feel warmer, I feel a kind of wave too, almost ocean like. And I sway in almost a kind of figure eight motion. It’s also more gentle than most other forms and at the same time Much Stronger. That part is hard to explain, you’ll have to judge that for yourself.
What I do is this; Once a month I have what I call a Holy Fire Reiki Test Drive. I invite people in to feel this energy and receive their temporary tattoos. It’s 2 hours filled with playing with the energy. After receiving the attunement I encourage them to feel the energy in their hands, then to see how big it gets. After they are comfortable with the energy, they begin to use it, first by pairing up and healing each other, then I teach them how to use it on themselves and finally to send it to each other and out to the world. It’s an outstanding experience! 
Last night’s group was powerful. The energy was strong. That will happen when you have a crowd of 14 people all using the same energy. I invite you to imagine yourself in these groups. Come to the next one on August 15th. You can check out the event here. These events always fill up and the waiting list gets used. So please RSVP early and keep tabs on your availability. Don’t worry if you find you can’t make it on the last day, simply change your RSVP to a no and the next person on the waiting list will slip right up.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope that Holy Fire calls to you too.
I Wish You Light
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2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary



It was a beautiful day for a party. We are still so impressed with all the love that has come our way, sent on the wings of our beautiful human angels and fairies. We are truly blessed to be on the receiving end of so much love and joy and are deeply grateful for each and every one of you!

We were treated, once again, to especially yummy food brought in by one of our favorite friends, and the lovely Kat Terry brought desserts. These two woman are a major part of our community. They bring so much love into our Center. We were also blessed with the light that shines from Debbi Blum. Debbi was doing pendulum healings along with readings. She touched many hearts that day. Andrea Kukulka was busy with Reiki healings, Kristi Johnston not only did Reiki but also was doing readings from her Intuitive Energy Cards. We got bonus presenters too.Amy Antonellis was asked to do some Table Tipping and she happily obliged and Brenda Phipher was delighted to pull out her tuning forks.

The air was filled with laughter and joy all day long.  We had so much fun at this time that we decided to have a Christmas Party this year too. Stay tuned.  😉