The Center for Holistic Healing and Art has expanded and grown into 2 businesses!!

Where To Find Us

Andrea Kukulka Healing Medium

Photo of Andrea Kukulka Healing Medium

Find Andrea at She offers individual and group readings, energy work, Reiki classes both in-person and via zoom, metaphysical mentorship, and unique hand-wrapped spiritual jewelry.

Divine Energy Collaborative

photo of Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston

 Find Kristi and Amy at They are committed to supporting people to magnify their inner spark and fuel their visions into reality.  They offer energy work, Akashic Records, individual and group coaching.

The Map

Cover image of The Map

A spiritual guide to your soul's journey.


The Map was created as a way for you to develop a clearer sense of your path and purpose here in this physical plane. 

It is a tool for recharging and reorienting yourself to your true focus, and it helps you work through those road blocks that keep you from discovering your maximum potential. 

The Map makes it easier to navigate your life. It illuminates where you've been and where you're headed. Having a road map laid out in front of you increases your clarity and confidence in your own intuition and allows you to determine your next steps with confidence. 

Praise for The Map

~"The Map has been such a wonderful guide for me. It truly is a map of where I am at any given time on this journey of mine. It helps me to understand things and is a constant reference companion."

Melanie Sprague, RMT

~"The Map is a wonderful tool to help guide your journey, provide a compass for direction, and bring clarity and confidence to decision making in building authenticity in life. This is a resource that keeps on giving."

Leigh-Ann Larson, LMHC

~"A profound and transformative work designed to enlighten the seeker to discover their soul's purpose."

Bishop Doreen C. Noble, OSF, RMT

Available in ebook or paperback