This event showcases three different types of communication with the Spirit Realm. Three very different woman, three ways of communicating with loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels.

Andrea Kukulka is a gifted healing medium connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit, your guides, angels and archangels to bring you information you need in your life right now. Andrea delivers messages of hope, love and healing to support you in your journey and reassure you that the loving relationships you had have not ended, only changed.

Amy Antonellis, a family lawyer by day, is also a medium with a strong connection to the Spirit world and tunes in to the messages from the other side that you need most to hear in order to move forward in your life. She hones in on the issues that have created road blocks and offers the guidance your loved ones offer to assist you in reaching your greatest potential.

Kristi Johnston is guided by Spirit to draw images of loved ones who have passed, angel guides or totem animals. She draws these upside down, contrary to her normal drawing method. These images bring further confirmation that our time here on earth is not all there is, and the unseen world is real and accessible.  The sketch is gifted to the person for whom it was drawn.

 Mother Superior Spirit Drawing by Kristi Johnston of Center for Holistic Healing and Art Mansfield MA Feb162016 small

This is a video explaining and demonstrating how Kristi draws loved ones in spirit taken at a Women’s Business Network meeting on Feb. 16, 2016. The video ends before the woman to whom it belongs is shown to protect her privacy. It was her Mother Superior who died on Feb. 16, 2015 and the completed drawing and the corresponding image the recipient was able to find on her phone are shown as well.

The connection of these three women to each other and to Spirit provides a completely unique experience for all those in attendance. Individual messages are not guaranteed, however messages of love, healing, reassurance and encouragement are sure to resonate throughout the room.