Flame of Light Connection from Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

 Rays of Light Connection™ Group Energy Healing
is a sample of what
Light Connection™  can do for you. 

Join Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection. We invite you to come experience the strength of this incredible energy
and take the next step on your holistic healing journey.

To understand Rays of Light Connection™ better, you need to know a bit about Light Connection™.

Light Connection™ is a healing modality transmitted directly to Amy Antonellis, Andrea Kukulka and Kristi Johnston from a collective of Light Beings known to them as Great Spirit, on March 2, 2015. It is offered not through the practioners, but into the space created and held open by them for the pure Light Energy to enter and create change within the soul of the receiver on the deepest possible level. This life-changing energy is so big, it takes 2 practioners to create the vortex that invites it in and to hold it open for a single individual’s benefit.

Rays of Light Connection™ is the introduction to this huge energy from Great Spirit that is designed to be delivered to groups. It is specifically geared towards opening up your heart chakra, for this is the largest storage area for old beliefs and self-doubt. This is the area from which fears and feelings of inadequacy are born that lead to creation of excuses and difficulties that limit your success and restrict your joy. When your heart is open you will be able to receive the abundance and joy that you deserve and the focus of your intentions will manifest readily.

Andrea, Amy and Kristi will begin the session with a meditation and intention setting to give you the opportunity to raise your energetic vibration, focus on the positive things you would like to see manifest in your life and allow your heart to open. They will then work together to create the vortex that pulls in this amazing pure energy of Love and Light and open up each person’s heart, then move the energy around the room so everyone gets exactly what they need in that time and space. They will close the session with a brief grounding meditation and offer positive intentions that will help you continue the magnification of your goals.

Prepare yourself for accelerated healing and growth. Join Andrea, Kristi and Amy as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection™.

~Are you ready to take the next step in your own expression of Love?

Please note!! Rays of Light Connection™ will magnify whatever energy you have been emitting and continue to emit. Be mindful of where your attention focuses!  

Here is the next opportunity to experience this powerful energy:

* Sunday, October 16th, 4-5 pm
* At Shanti Shala Yoga and Wellness Center
        55 Pleasant St.         
        Plympton, MA                
* Tickets may be purchased day of the                                                                                  event or by clicking the link below.

Rays of Light Connection can be done for a group as small as 4 or 5, or as large as 40. We hold these events regularly at The Center for Holistic Healing & Art. If you have a large group and would like us to do it at your Center, please reach out to us and we will gladly make plans to bring this amazing Heart Opening event to your community too.