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Moving Through This Shift With Grace

Moving Through This Shift with Grace


We’re all feeling it now. There’s something that we can’t quite put our finger on, something that has us feeling a bit off, maybe even unwell. How have you been feeling since the weekend?
It’s the Shift. I admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about it’s coming but then it happened to me. I get it now, because it’s happening and I too am in the thick of it. My belief and what I’ve been told by my guides in my channeling meditation, is that it’s coming in waves, and that it is not reserved for just the few that have a certain vibration already, No. This shift is for all of those on the planet, all human beings will be a part of it. I’ve been talking about the vibration of our planet elevating for a few years now but this Shift is different. I do however, believe that it’s happening with such speed now because the vibration has reached a certain level that it is now possible for all of us to experience and feel this Shift.
heaven__s_light_13765932_by_stockproject1-d3p82jnThere are those of us who have begun to feel it already. I believe that those are the people who are actively working on raising our own personal vibration, the healers, the artist, the magik people. I say this because I see it happening that way with those around me. I can’t promise you when the next two or three shifts will happen but I do know that they will indeed happen. All of us will rise together. (“Together”, of course, is a bit of a time lapse video.)
The good news is that there are ways to ease into this Shift with grace. As my guides told me Tuesday night in meditation, it is imperative that we remain grounded during this time. This means making a conscious effort to be present in our bodies, to concentrate on our lower 3 chakras. We must not only balance our Solar Plexus, Sakral, and Root chakras, we must then throw, with force, these chakras deep into our earth. Connection with our earth is so important to us now. This is more than just the knowledge of what is happening to our forest and recycling etc. This is to truly feel the soil, the warmth of our earth and to reach further down into the liquid molten center of Mother Gaia herself. We must not forget that we are human! Those of us who meditate and strive to reach higher for the light are forgetting that we ARE HUMAN. We’ve been given these physical bodies, they are a gift, a tool if you will. We are of the earth. Do not forget this. In doing this … insert happy dance here  … we ease our human. That is to say, grounding helps to alleviate the physical pain and trauma of our bodies. It will also keep us from getting cranky and irritable. All the ‘human’ symptoms of this elevation can be eased with grounding ourselves.
Do whatever it takes to be fully present in your body and to keep the physical distress of this ascension at bay. Grounding can be done with a physical meditation, a walk in the forest, hematite, black tourmaline, red jasper or other grounding stones in your pockets (yes, keep a grounding stone low near your base chakra), soaking in the tub or hot tub, exercise, whatever it takes and whatever makes you comfortable, do THAT!
If you are part of this first wave, you too are in the thick of it now. And if you’re like me, today is a really good day.
I Wish You Light,

*I would like to give photograph credit but, alas, I cannot find the name of the photographer.

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