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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light


Last night’s meditation group was aaaaahhhhhmazing! It was one of those nights where 8 were scheduled to make it but 4 were actually present. Whenever this happens I know we’re in for a good one. You see, Spirit has a way of getting the ones that are ready for what they have to say to be there. I, of course, never know who they’re picking or what they’re up to. None of us really know for sure. Yes, often we feel how big the energy is or even how important the night’s meditation is going to be but we’re always left in awe by the end of the night.

Last night was all about shining your own inner light. Now, these are words that we all hear all the time. We read the memes with these similar words all the time too. I’ll try to take it deeper for you, hopefully you can feel some of what we felt last night.

Part One: Meditation always starts with a physical  7 -10 minute meditation that is always the same. It’s designed to open the chakras and to expand our energy. Well, last night’s (as I call it) Balancing Act was the most energy I’ve ever felt during this meditation. We begin with raising the crown chakra up as high as we can. We actually had all the crowns working together, in one big ball of energy, it was awesome. The aim is to bring it up into the white light, up to Source energy itself. Some can do this, most can’t. Last night was the first time the whole room got up that high. Together! At the end of this meditation we could all feel that our energy had expanded and was taking up more space than ever before. I’m not just talking about filling the room, NO, our energy took up the whole building. Again, we knew something big was about to come to us.

Part Two: Imagine yourself sitting in circle, the lights are dim, the music is sweet and your energy is huge. I’ve opened myself up to channel the information and They begin to speak to us. They begin, as they usually do, by welcoming us. They’re always so delighted that we’re with Them listening to what They want to share with us. They tell us of our process in this most recent shift, and how we’ve come to the other side of it. They’re happy for us and our growth. Then They begin to talk to us about our own individual lights. They speak of how important it is for us to shine. They help us to actually feel our light. How? They spoke to each person individually! They completely described the light for each individual! They began with the color and spoke so clearly that we could each see it swirling in our mind’s eye. Some were told where the color comes from. Then they told us how each color felt.  For instance, one woman’s light was pink, They made us all feel it like cotton candy. It was WILD. Thinking back on it now, each one was very different, each with it’s own element. These were gifts given to us last night.

Spirit is shining down on us showering us with gifts each day. It’s up to us to receive them and sprinkle them all around us. It’s our choice to do nothing (I hope this is not the choice you will make) or to get out there into the world and… Shine Your Light!

I wish you Light,

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