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Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us

Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us


Tuesday night’s Information in Meditations are always jam-packed. Spirit will often give us a few different subjects all with a common theme. That theme may not be the same to each person in the room, everyone hears the same words but doesn’t necessarily receive the same message. It’s always so great to listen to everyone talk about their specific journey in their meditations.  Let me share with you what my take-away was this Tuesday.

I’ll begin with what/who the energy was that was coming through me that night. As it was last week, this week we also had the pleasure of being with Archangel Michael. Last week he had been powerful and insistent. This week he spoke as if he were a professor lecturing and sitting with us in circle. He spoke of how our human bodies work, how we re-create our own bodies and how we have total control of our bodies. He reminded us that even if our female bodies are very, very sick we can still create a healthy body inside of our sick vessel, and what a beautiful miracle that is. He directed our attention to how we are created: cell division! 

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In order to form a human being it all begins with a single cell. That cell, in it’s perfect form splits into two. These two cells split again and so on and so on. We are all familiar with this process, we know how we become. Here’s what we might not remember: this process continues after we have been born into this world. We are constantly rejuvenating our cells. Think about this for a moment. It’s constant personal evolution; at a rate of approximately one million per second old cells die and are replaced with brand new ones. One Million Per Second! I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. 

Here’s the lesson: we have the power, a million times per second, to create new healthy cells.  There is absolutely no reason why we should allow an unhealthy cell to re-create itself. We are in control of our bodies and no one else. We have the ability to release the cells that are broken or diseased or unhealthy. We have the ability to release the cells that simply no longer serve us.

Archangel Micheal gave us the gift of permission that night. This is how to use this gift: each night after you’ve crawled into bed and closed your eyes, call on him: “Archangel Michael, I release all the cells in my body that may be broken, used, diseased, depleted and/or are no longer of service to me. I replace each one with healthy, vibrant cells. I give great thanks to those cells leaving my body now for their service to me and for the lessons that they have taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

I’ve had two nights to be with the information that I received in the last channeling and and I’ve used it before falling asleep each night. As I start the prayer I feel the energy in my body. I feel it very lightly at my shoulders and then the energy builds as it gets to my feet. This is the release that I feel as it starts at my head and flushes away all that I no longer need.  When this energy is done moving through my body I fall fast to sleep. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wake up with energy  and am not dragging myself out of bed, quite a refreshing change for this night owl! 

Today I pass on this beautiful gift from Archangel Michael to you. Use it in good health. 

p.s. He also tells us that there is no reason for any human to live with dis-ease. Choose to release it.

I Wish You Light,

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