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Crystal Grid Healing

Crystal Bed sessions are a wonderful way to re-charge, re-energize and get re-aligned with the power of crystals. Andrea Kukulka has been using crystals in her healing work for over 25 years. Now you can experience this specialized healing from crystals on a whole new level. What Crystal Grid Healing can do for you:*Balance*Cleansing & […]

My Dad Is My Hero

One of the most difficult times in a person’s life has happened, I lost my dad last week. This is so very hard! Myself and my siblings are all really tight knit. My mom and my dad created that. They are the reason that we’re so close today not only to each other but to […]

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Today I met with a neighbor who finds herself going through changes. She spent 30 years in the very high pressured business world in Boston and has suddenly found herself with loads of time and not very much to fill it with. You know how she’d like to fill her time?? You guessed it, She’d […]

Changing Relationships

Benjamin Franklin once said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes.” He should have added change. Everything changes- especially relationships. There are so many kinds of different relationships. As a matter of fact everything in life is a relationship. We have relationships with people, places, jobs, money, […]

Have you heard about Structured Water? We have…

Once upon a time… Don’t all fairy tales start this way? Well, my dears, it turns out that this is no fairy tail! I’ve heard about this for quite some time. The first time I actually experienced it I brushed it off thinking that it really couldn’t make the difference that she was talking about. […]