Music Makes me Feel Good!

Ok, so I really don’t need research to tell me how good I feel when I crank up my music. My body tells me that! Although I do like knowing that there really is plenty of research that agrees with me. Check out this piece from Healthline. How Music Affects Our Moods

There are even lots of stories of how dementia and Alzheimer’s patients feel when you put music on from their younger years. I especially love this son who takes his dad out and sings classic songs with him. There is just so much LOVE here. Check out the father & son team here.

Imagine this with me: You’re not feeling great. Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms of allergies or maybe you’re worried about something. You’re sulking, your posture isn’t good, you’re generally cranky. What do you do about it?

Me? I generally give in to it for a couple hours. Then I get pissy because I’m not the cranky type. Pissy is a good thing for me because it makes me do things. It puts me into action. I go straight for music. If I’m home I head for my kitchen stereo. If I’m really lucky, I’m alone. If you’re anything like me, you put music on that makes your body move. Once I get that first sway of my hips in I hit the volume button and turn it way up. I dance and I sing, loudly! It doesn’t matter if I can sing or not, I’m singing LOUDLY! I’m dancing like Elaine Benes and I don’t care! My mood has changed and I’m happy again!

Music means so much to me that when I decided that I’d permanently mark my body with a tattoo I put a G clef on my hip. This way I always have music with me.

The moral of my story is simple. Stay happy, raise your vibration, turn the volume up!


photo of Raymond

Today’s client brought to light a new Angel

Today’s client brought to light a new Angel.



I met Trish at the front door. It was great to see her again. Trish is one of those people that is pure sweetness, you look forward to a hug from her every time. Today, she was nervous, not her usual self. So we talked for a while, I was trying to calm her by chatting and laughing. It didn’t work as well as I had hoped, she was nervous about what she may hear in our Mediumship Reading today.

First, she heard from someone she never expected to. He had been waiting for her, he sat down at the table with her. In my eyes, it was quite cute. She learned a lot from him and began to release all the nervous energy that she had come in with.

Now, it’s not my habit to tell anyone what has happened in a session with a client, that information is theirs and theirs alone. Usually, I don’t even remember it, it’s not for me, so I get to let it go as soon as I speak the words. It’s a truly wonderful part of the process. However, this time, the lesson I learned from Raymond was so important, that with permission from my client, I had to share it. I’m getting to the part of the session that I really want to share now…



Updating with a better picture from the same day~

Raymond and the men.

See this man here? That’s my father-in-law Raymond. I really loved him. I didn’t know him for long because his son and I married in 2004 and we lived on the West Coast until 2008 before coming back back to Southern New England. We lost him a few years ago to Alzheimer’s Disease. ALZHEIMER’S SUCKS!

Raymond came into our reading today. He floored me, he’s never done that before. He’s actually only talked to me a few times since his passing. Well, let me tell you, he made up for lost time today. He’s appointed himself my helper and a bit of an ambassador to all those who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other diseases that steal away ones brain. He had so much to tell us both. I cried. I don’t usually, I’m not a crier, but I cried today. It’s not a great picture of him  I know (maybe I can update with a better pic tomorrow), but this is how I remember him, smiling and entertaining and down-right charming.

As time passes and I see more clients, I learn. I learn something new with each day. Today I not only learned more about the brain but I learned that I have a new angel who is here with me to help me in my work. Let me re-phrase that… My Angel Raymond is with me to help YOU to get through the internal suffering that comes from watching our loved ones fade away from us.

Love You Raymond