Holding Space

I Will Hold Space For You

I remember the first time someone said to me, “Look at you, sitting there Holding Space for all these beautiful people!” I was all at once flattered and totally confused. I had heard this term a few times before and had wondered what it meant. I wanted to know what Holding Space really was. Most of all, at this moment, I wanted to know what I was doing but was totally unaware of.
Yay Me! I was Holding Space!???  But really, what was I doing?

I had looked into this before. I had asked people and I had googled it but nothing that I heard or read had fully answered my question, in fact it became more and more vague with each search. So I went on a kind of quest. In my mind and memory I went back to that very moment that I heard those words, “Look at you, sitting there holding space…” I put myself back in that place and thought about what was happening, who was doing the talking, what she was talking about, what other’s were learning, and especially my own role. How was I feeling and what exactly was I doing.

I learned more studying my own behavior than I could on line.  Note to self: always check in with yourself to ask questions first. Mind you, this was not easy. It took complete honesty. I had to begin with my own state of confusion. I had to drop all aspects of ego too, ie: I was flattered by her words. So I dug into who I know myself to be and what my genuine self is and was reflecting at that moment.

I realized first that as the facilitator for this particular event I was most concerned with what everyone else was receiving and experiencing that night. This proved to be the biggest part of learning how to Hold Space. It’s not about me, oh no… not even a little bit! It’s all about the person or people or even the situation that you are holding space for!

Equally as important is dismissing all judgement. Judgement muddies the waters real fast. If you’re holding space, that space must be completely clear of self. When you judge, you are inputting your own self. Whether it is to quietly say to yourself: “this is how I would do it,” or “this scares me,” or “I’ve never heard of this, I’m interested in it too” or the many other parts of yourself that you could insert here. NO, absolutely no part of yourself can be put into space that you hold for another person’s processing.

Is it starting to come together for you now?

Remember that you, as an observer, only know so much about any situation. Hell, those that are experiencing it only know their own part. So holding space is all about you wanting the best possible outcome for all involved, no matter what that outcome turns out to be. This is why it’s so important to remove yourself, your ego and your emotions, from what you’re about to do: Hold Space for them. 

In your minds eye, see the people and the situation itself as equal energies. Wrap each one in equal amounts of love. Just love. Stand back and wait. Patience is also a factor in Holding Space. You cannot rush the outcome that is meant for the Highest & Best. These things take time. Sometimes it’s just the span of one conversation, sometimes it may take a few years. You must be patient.

*Take yourself out of it.
*Be patient.
*Wrap each party up in love.
*Be completely out of the picture.
*Release your ego.

You’re holding space now.

Holding Space

Holding Space

image of Andrea releasing energy to the earth

Releasing the Pressure

Releasing The Pressure


This week’s Information In Meditation was a big one. The energy began Monday night and didn’t let up until the message of releasing came though on Tuesday night in our circle.

Our guides for the evening were all members of the collective known to us as Great Spirit. Their words to us and the feeling they brought through on Tuesday night were both comforting and powerful. They were talking to us about our continued ascension and how best to deal with some of the effects that we are feeling since September’s shift.

So many of us are still adjusting to this shift, they wanted to tell us how important it is that we learn to assimilate and adjust to our new way of being.  As we learn about our own adjustments we can better help others with their own adjustments.  More importantly, this will ultimately lead to more people being able to help those who will go through the next wave of the shift.

My take-away from the channeled information was this…
There are many people who are experiencing a build up of energy. It may take the form of momentary dizziness or it may be an “off” feeling that lasts a whole day.  One of the effects Great Spirit addressed in particular was the build up of energy that pressurizes in our heads. It’s different from the “average” headache. Are you experiencing it too? It feels to me, and many that I’ve talked to, like a volcano that wants to erupt but is incapable of release.

Although my head has felt very heavy with this pressure, you may have been feeling it elsewhere in your body. All this energy is NOT negative energy! Although it may feel that way because of the discomfort, it is actually a positive energy. What they told us and had us feel was a way to release it. It’s so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to say that I never thought of it myself. It now makes so much sense.

Close your eyes and focus all your thoughts and energy on the pressure. Take a good, deep breath. Now place your hands so that your palms are facing down to the earth. As you exhale, release all this beautiful, positive and loving energy down into Mother Gaia. Charge our planet earth with it all! Continue to do this for a minute. Release, release, release all that pressure that has taken up such a small space in your human body down to mother earth to accept it and use it lovingly. Just imagine all that beautiful energy being given to the planet by so many people of the light. So much growth and healing being given to our planet!

Now, here’s the bonus to all of this: on the flip side are the times when we are feeling completely drained. The message being stressed to everyone RIGHT NOW is not to pull down energy from the upper realms, but to pull it up from the earth instead. Like you just did to release, take a deep breath and place your palms facing down to the earth, but this time as you exhale, pull. What you will feel as you’re being charged are these enormous and yet soft and gentle waves of LOVE coming up your legs and slowly filling your body. Go ahead, try this now. (They’re telling me to tell you to try this now as you’re reading. Please do this with Them.) Feel the waves? Yes, it’s almost like butterfly wings in your legs, moving up into your body. It’s a most beautiful way to recharge, isn’t it?!

Our human bodies can only hold so much energy. We’re all getting through this shift as best as we can right now. I’m beyond grateful that they continue to give us tools to help us through these shifts and ascension. Stay with me on this journey and to the best of my ability, I will continue to share with you what they have shared with me and our Tuesday night groups.

With great appreciation for all that guide me,
I Wish You Light

image of pink cotton candy

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light


Last night’s meditation group was aaaaahhhhhmazing! It was one of those nights where 8 were scheduled to make it but 4 were actually present. Whenever this happens I know we’re in for a good one. You see, Spirit has a way of getting the ones that are ready for what they have to say to be there. I, of course, never know who they’re picking or what they’re up to. None of us really know for sure. Yes, often we feel how big the energy is or even how important the night’s meditation is going to be but we’re always left in awe by the end of the night.

Last night was all about shining your own inner light. Now, these are words that we all hear all the time. We read the memes with these similar words all the time too. I’ll try to take it deeper for you, hopefully you can feel some of what we felt last night.

Part One: Meditation always starts with a physical  7 -10 minute meditation that is always the same. It’s designed to open the chakras and to expand our energy. Well, last night’s (as I call it) Balancing Act was the most energy I’ve ever felt during this meditation. We begin with raising the crown chakra up as high as we can. We actually had all the crowns working together, in one big ball of energy, it was awesome. The aim is to bring it up into the white light, up to Source energy itself. Some can do this, most can’t. Last night was the first time the whole room got up that high. Together! At the end of this meditation we could all feel that our energy had expanded and was taking up more space than ever before. I’m not just talking about filling the room, NO, our energy took up the whole building. Again, we knew something big was about to come to us.

Part Two: Imagine yourself sitting in circle, the lights are dim, the music is sweet and your energy is huge. I’ve opened myself up to channel the information and They begin to speak to us. They begin, as they usually do, by welcoming us. They’re always so delighted that we’re with Them listening to what They want to share with us. They tell us of our process in this most recent shift, and how we’ve come to the other side of it. They’re happy for us and our growth. Then They begin to talk to us about our own individual lights. They speak of how important it is for us to shine. They help us to actually feel our light. How? They spoke to each person individually! They completely described the light for each individual! They began with the color and spoke so clearly that we could each see it swirling in our mind’s eye. Some were told where the color comes from. Then they told us how each color felt.  For instance, one woman’s light was pink, They made us all feel it like cotton candy. It was WILD. Thinking back on it now, each one was very different, each with it’s own element. These were gifts given to us last night.

Spirit is shining down on us showering us with gifts each day. It’s up to us to receive them and sprinkle them all around us. It’s our choice to do nothing (I hope this is not the choice you will make) or to get out there into the world and… Shine Your Light!

I wish you Light,

photo of Raymond

Today’s client brought to light a new Angel

Today’s client brought to light a new Angel.



I met Trish at the front door. It was great to see her again. Trish is one of those people that is pure sweetness, you look forward to a hug from her every time. Today, she was nervous, not her usual self. So we talked for a while, I was trying to calm her by chatting and laughing. It didn’t work as well as I had hoped, she was nervous about what she may hear in our Mediumship Reading today.

First, she heard from someone she never expected to. He had been waiting for her, he sat down at the table with her. In my eyes, it was quite cute. She learned a lot from him and began to release all the nervous energy that she had come in with.

Now, it’s not my habit to tell anyone what has happened in a session with a client, that information is theirs and theirs alone. Usually, I don’t even remember it, it’s not for me, so I get to let it go as soon as I speak the words. It’s a truly wonderful part of the process. However, this time, the lesson I learned from Raymond was so important, that with permission from my client, I had to share it. I’m getting to the part of the session that I really want to share now…



Updating with a better picture from the same day~

Raymond and the men.

See this man here? That’s my father-in-law Raymond. I really loved him. I didn’t know him for long because his son and I married in 2004 and we lived on the West Coast until 2008 before coming back back to Southern New England. We lost him a few years ago to Alzheimer’s Disease. ALZHEIMER’S SUCKS!

Raymond came into our reading today. He floored me, he’s never done that before. He’s actually only talked to me a few times since his passing. Well, let me tell you, he made up for lost time today. He’s appointed himself my helper and a bit of an ambassador to all those who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other diseases that steal away ones brain. He had so much to tell us both. I cried. I don’t usually, I’m not a crier, but I cried today. It’s not a great picture of him  I know (maybe I can update with a better pic tomorrow), but this is how I remember him, smiling and entertaining and down-right charming.

As time passes and I see more clients, I learn. I learn something new with each day. Today I not only learned more about the brain but I learned that I have a new angel who is here with me to help me in my work. Let me re-phrase that… My Angel Raymond is with me to help YOU to get through the internal suffering that comes from watching our loved ones fade away from us.

Love You Raymond