Do You Care for Yourself?


We talk about self-care often. We remind our friends and our loved ones to actively care for themselves all the time. But we still don’t do it for ourselves. Why? We’ve got a million reasons why not, don’t we?

This has gotten me into trouble today. You see, I’ve had issues with my back since I was 20 years old. That’s a long time since I’m 54 today. I should have a regular routine by now to help me to support myself. I should have some really good habits in place. Alas, I don’t. I don’t give myself permission to care for myself. Conveniently, I forget to do my regular exercises that would keep my back strong and fit. These are simple and only take a few minutes a few times a day to do, but I still don’t do them regularly.

That’s my issue, what’s yours?! What are your excuses? How simple would it really be to do what you need to for yourself?

Self-care means different things to different people. None of them are simple if you’re the one that needs them. For me, drinking enough and more than enough water each day is simple. For so many, that’s the hardest thing they do all day. Too many of my clients aren’t enjoying themselves enough. Is this you too? For instance when they come to me for energy work or a reading and are on or at my table, their Spirit Guides will make sure that I tell them that they need to laugh more, or be with their friends more often, or get out of the house!

Are you  celebrating life? Your life is worthy of a grand celebration!! Don’t sell yourself short here. I know, it may sound selfish but it really isn’t! Get out there and have more fun.

Me? I need to make a commitment to myself. I know this because as I get older, my body likes to remind me of the commitment that I haven’t made more often. Please, if nothing else, listen to your body. Your body will always show signs of what is going on internally, mentally, and spiritually.

Loving Yourself

Again, it’s easy to say these “I will” statements but until we really learn to love ourselves, all the parts, our self-care suffers. Self-love and self-care really do go hand in hand. One feeds the other.

Now, get a massage, go for a hike, enjoy the beach, meditate, hang out with your friends, eat a marvelous meal, garden, and celebrate your life! You’re Worth It!

I Wish You Light



photo of Casa de los Artistas

Mexico On My Mind

Mexico on My Mind

In my mind I can hear James Taylor’s Mexico. “I’ve never really been but I’d sure like to go.”  My mind keeps coming back to our Mexico Retreat, I think about it often. Are you thinking about too? I’m so excited for it. 

Casa de Los Artistas

I think of all the sun and the fabulous fresh food and the sand between my toes, oh how I love the idea of laying out on that beach doing nothing. Then my mind wanders over to all the fun of big dinners together and laughter and celebrating each other. I love all of this. I’m finding myself giggling at the thought of it right now.  Of course, then comes the whole reason we’re doing this; Our Connection! Our connection with each other, our community and how our community is ever expanding. Especially our connection to Spirit, isn’t this what it’s all about?  I’m overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of spending an entire week in this energy.
Just think of it – waking each morning to like minded people with big smiles to great you, meeting for morning meditations together to start our days. Our days will be filled with adventures and art, mountain hikes and beach side siestas too. Our afternoons and evenings will be filled with SPIRIT! We’ll have Table Tipping, Metaphysical Playground workshops, Art Classes, Empath Support, Mediumship and whatever else we can conjure up. I know right… how exciting!
Last night these were the thoughts keeping me up. Now these are the thoughts putting a smile on my face for the day. 
If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s plenty of time. Also, don’t forget if you pay for the trip in full by October 31st, there’s a $100 discount! This is going to be an amazing week at the end of our winter, March 5th through the 12th.  Check out our Mexico Retreat page with more information. You can sign up directly with Casa De Los Artistas, that’s where we’ll be staying. They make it all so easy, they take care of everything. From the moment we step off the plane, we’re in their hands.  (They’re professionals, they’ve done this before. hahaa) The space is limited. I hope you make it!
I Wish You Light,
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Healer Heal Thyself

Healer, Heal Thyself

Many of us have heard this phrase, but how often do we actually listen? In today’s world of “there is so much to do” how many of you actually take the time to sink down into your own body, into your own consciousness, and just listen? I bet it’s been a long time huh?  How many practitioners out there rave about meditation and connection and source and unplugging and yet run around in their day-to-day without taking a minute to feed their own soul or remember their own connections? Sometimes it’s difficult to practice what you preach.
Today I have a call to action for those of you who are looking to put yourself first, for those of you who are looking to recharge.  I’m putting together a challenge.  This challenge consists of taking one minute to yourself every single day, a single minute.  Yes, simply one.  Sometimes it’s hard to kick old habits [giving, giving, giving and never replenishing].  😉 The challenge is to take a minute for yourself every single day and then share in this community what exactly it is that you did for yourself.  Did you sit with your eyes closed and your heart open? Did you simply listen to your favorite song? Did you hit pause? What did you do to refocus and re-center just for a single minute.  Do we want you to take more time for yourself overall? Absolutely! But for now, let’s just try this. Give me a minute, and I’ll give you the charge that you’re looking for.

hourglass 1

As healers, much of your focus is on the outside, on the rest of the community, and you neglect yourself.  Today, I ask that you reclaim your own body and your own power and dedicate true self love for simply a minute.  Every minute will look different, but I promise you, at the end of 30 days (yes, 30), you will find more self-love than ever before AND you won’t feel guilty for taking a 30 minute “escape.”  Put away the guilt and start replenishing the soul.  It all starts with baby steps.  We will have a 30 minute celebration at the Center at the end of the month.  I look forward to seeing you all there! Stay tuned for details!
With light,