Have you heard about Structured Water? We have…

Once upon a time…
Don’t all fairy tales start this way? Well, my dears, it turns out that this is no fairy tail! I’ve heard about this for quite some time. The first time I actually experienced it I brushed it off thinking that it really couldn’t make the difference that she was talking about. So I left it where I found it, in a stranger’s back yard. It just didn’t land with me, and I’m guessing that’s true for quite a few of the others that were there that day as well.

Then about a month ago, at our Empath Empowerment group, there was a woman there who shared with us what she had been given in a dream and the changes that it made for her and those that she had shared it with. Naturally we were all listening and very interested. This again was Structured Water. But alas, again I didn’t really grasp it, so I left all of that information there in the room, not taking it with me.

Now, I’m not always this tough to get through to but if you know me, you know that I’m a skeptic. I’ve always been a skeptic and I suppose I will always be a skeptic. Honestly, even when it came to my own gifts I had to be hit over the head with it over and over before I admitted that there was something to all that was happening to me.

Stay with me now, this is where it gets good. She came back!  This weekend she came to our Great Spirit talk! We LOVE HER! Her name is Donna and she has beautiful energy. She’s one of those people that we talk about all the time, she has energy that matches and complements someone else’s energy when you meet and talk with her. She’s what we like to call our people. She spoke a tiny bit about the water before we began to channel, just a bit. Then as soon as Kristi, Amy and I went into the energy to begin to bring Great Spirit through they told me, “We want to speak of the water.” So I patiently waited until that energy had the chance to power through and speak of the water. Long story short: IT’S ALL REAL and it’s very important! That was it for this skeptic! I’m IN!

You see, as our water moves from its source, it moves through rocks and it bubbles and swirls though the rivers and springs. It’s pure. However, to get to us it must go through man-made filtering systems and pipes that are still and dark, and in that process it loses the ability to carry all the light and earth energy with it. (That all makes a lot of sense, right?) It actually loses energy. Now, if you’re a wine drinker no doubt you’re aware of wine aerators, they’re a quick way to get the air moving though your wine allowing it to breathe. Well, don’t you want that and more for the water that you drink? The filter system that she told us about is similar to a wine aerator, only more earthy and real simple to create at home with things you already have. I liked that. She got my attention. Earthy + Simple =yes please.

It’s the easiest home-made version of the filter system!

Here’s how to do it: Marbles plus a funnel and straw! Yup, the simplest way to create this filter is to put marbles into a funnel, you may need a screen or straw at the bottom so that the bottom marble doesn’t stop the flow, and then just pour your tap water over that. Be sure all parts are clean- white vinegar is a great way to get and keep all of the components clean. Donna puts some shungite into the filter for added earth energy. BRILLIANT! If you look at the picture here, you’ll see that I put a combination of marbles with some odd shaped glass beads and some Jet for my earth energy, I also put a piece of Red Jasper (more earth energy) at the bottom so that the marbles wouldn’t close off the funnel. As I’ve been writing, my 12 year old came over and asked what I was doing with the mason jar and funnel filled with rocks. I told her all about it and had her taste it. Mind you, she’s my child and also a skeptic. Even SHE tasted a difference =Proud Mamma

Do it because it tastes better. Then you’ll see the other differences happening for you. Me? I literally have a renewed energy in my body. It’s odd, I know, and it’s not even like me to admit to something like this, but I really do feel a difference! I flow better. Try it, you’ll like it.

With Great Gratitude for Donna and all of you,
I Wish You Light



Staying Safe As An Empath

Last night we had the privilege of holding an Empath Support Group at Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater at the generous invitation of the owners, Kellie and Jon Hailey.  14 empaths gathered to share concerns and questions as well as stories of challenges and triumphs. Questions were sometimes answered from our experiences but often channeled directly from Spirit. We are fully supported in our quest to live comfortable and meaningful lives!! Those in attendance ranged in age from recent graduates to retirees and were all relieved to see recognition and understanding on the other faces in the group as they spoke of experiences many in their lives had deemed somehow wrong or unacceptable.

Each time we hold one of these groups there is a common theme or thread that runs through the evening. Last night’s theme was personal emotional safety and coping with the extra feelings of those around you. Several important tools were shared including staying grounded and practicing good self-care. Among the specific coping mechanisms that were shared, many talked about spending time outside, being in or near water, using deep breathing, prayer and crystals. One of the more unique practices was to write the unwanted emotions down and then to shred the paper while deliberately releasing the emotions as it shredded. I have a feeling there will be some busy shredders in the upcoming weeks!  A full list of all of these tried and true suggestions was created and it may be found here.

One final thought that is important enough to repeat here- we are all connected- how that shows up in our lives differs but we should always try to react to another with compassion and from a place of love. Whether you know who those “extra” emotions belong to or not, sending out love and light is a powerful and empowering tool that will help keep you safe, aid those you are sensing and help you release those emotions that don’t belong to you.

With Love and Light,

Andrea, Kristi and Amy

from the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA


image of Andrea releasing energy to the earth

Releasing the Pressure

Releasing The Pressure


This week’s Information In Meditation was a big one. The energy began Monday night and didn’t let up until the message of releasing came though on Tuesday night in our circle.

Our guides for the evening were all members of the collective known to us as Great Spirit. Their words to us and the feeling they brought through on Tuesday night were both comforting and powerful. They were talking to us about our continued ascension and how best to deal with some of the effects that we are feeling since September’s shift.

So many of us are still adjusting to this shift, they wanted to tell us how important it is that we learn to assimilate and adjust to our new way of being.  As we learn about our own adjustments we can better help others with their own adjustments.  More importantly, this will ultimately lead to more people being able to help those who will go through the next wave of the shift.

My take-away from the channeled information was this…
There are many people who are experiencing a build up of energy. It may take the form of momentary dizziness or it may be an “off” feeling that lasts a whole day.  One of the effects Great Spirit addressed in particular was the build up of energy that pressurizes in our heads. It’s different from the “average” headache. Are you experiencing it too? It feels to me, and many that I’ve talked to, like a volcano that wants to erupt but is incapable of release.

Although my head has felt very heavy with this pressure, you may have been feeling it elsewhere in your body. All this energy is NOT negative energy! Although it may feel that way because of the discomfort, it is actually a positive energy. What they told us and had us feel was a way to release it. It’s so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to say that I never thought of it myself. It now makes so much sense.

Close your eyes and focus all your thoughts and energy on the pressure. Take a good, deep breath. Now place your hands so that your palms are facing down to the earth. As you exhale, release all this beautiful, positive and loving energy down into Mother Gaia. Charge our planet earth with it all! Continue to do this for a minute. Release, release, release all that pressure that has taken up such a small space in your human body down to mother earth to accept it and use it lovingly. Just imagine all that beautiful energy being given to the planet by so many people of the light. So much growth and healing being given to our planet!

Now, here’s the bonus to all of this: on the flip side are the times when we are feeling completely drained. The message being stressed to everyone RIGHT NOW is not to pull down energy from the upper realms, but to pull it up from the earth instead. Like you just did to release, take a deep breath and place your palms facing down to the earth, but this time as you exhale, pull. What you will feel as you’re being charged are these enormous and yet soft and gentle waves of LOVE coming up your legs and slowly filling your body. Go ahead, try this now. (They’re telling me to tell you to try this now as you’re reading. Please do this with Them.) Feel the waves? Yes, it’s almost like butterfly wings in your legs, moving up into your body. It’s a most beautiful way to recharge, isn’t it?!

Our human bodies can only hold so much energy. We’re all getting through this shift as best as we can right now. I’m beyond grateful that they continue to give us tools to help us through these shifts and ascension. Stay with me on this journey and to the best of my ability, I will continue to share with you what they have shared with me and our Tuesday night groups.

With great appreciation for all that guide me,
I Wish You Light

image of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us

Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us


Tuesday night’s Information in Meditations are always jam-packed. Spirit will often give us a few different subjects all with a common theme. That theme may not be the same to each person in the room, everyone hears the same words but doesn’t necessarily receive the same message. It’s always so great to listen to everyone talk about their specific journey in their meditations.  Let me share with you what my take-away was this Tuesday.

I’ll begin with what/who the energy was that was coming through me that night. As it was last week, this week we also had the pleasure of being with Archangel Michael. Last week he had been powerful and insistent. This week he spoke as if he were a professor lecturing and sitting with us in circle. He spoke of how our human bodies work, how we re-create our own bodies and how we have total control of our bodies. He reminded us that even if our female bodies are very, very sick we can still create a healthy body inside of our sick vessel, and what a beautiful miracle that is. He directed our attention to how we are created: cell division! 

Archangel Micheal Guido_Reni_

In order to form a human being it all begins with a single cell. That cell, in it’s perfect form splits into two. These two cells split again and so on and so on. We are all familiar with this process, we know how we become. Here’s what we might not remember: this process continues after we have been born into this world. We are constantly rejuvenating our cells. Think about this for a moment. It’s constant personal evolution; at a rate of approximately one million per second old cells die and are replaced with brand new ones. One Million Per Second! I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. 

Here’s the lesson: we have the power, a million times per second, to create new healthy cells.  There is absolutely no reason why we should allow an unhealthy cell to re-create itself. We are in control of our bodies and no one else. We have the ability to release the cells that are broken or diseased or unhealthy. We have the ability to release the cells that simply no longer serve us.

Archangel Micheal gave us the gift of permission that night. This is how to use this gift: each night after you’ve crawled into bed and closed your eyes, call on him: “Archangel Michael, I release all the cells in my body that may be broken, used, diseased, depleted and/or are no longer of service to me. I replace each one with healthy, vibrant cells. I give great thanks to those cells leaving my body now for their service to me and for the lessons that they have taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

I’ve had two nights to be with the information that I received in the last channeling and and I’ve used it before falling asleep each night. As I start the prayer I feel the energy in my body. I feel it very lightly at my shoulders and then the energy builds as it gets to my feet. This is the release that I feel as it starts at my head and flushes away all that I no longer need.  When this energy is done moving through my body I fall fast to sleep. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wake up with energy  and am not dragging myself out of bed, quite a refreshing change for this night owl! 

Today I pass on this beautiful gift from Archangel Michael to you. Use it in good health. 

p.s. He also tells us that there is no reason for any human to live with dis-ease. Choose to release it.

I Wish You Light,




Fear lives deep inside of us. Deep in a dark space, tucked away, heavy and without light. It stops us cold and can instantly bring on the sweats. It makes us do or not do so many different things, things that do not serve us.
Releasing Fear
Releasing Fear

I’ll try to put into a nutshell what came through in last night’s group meditation via channeled information

Fear is a GIFT. Fear is an important part of what makes us human. We’ve been given this gift of being human. As humans we’re given many gifts such as loss, pain and sorrow. YES these are gifts. These are very important gifts that allow us to learn so much. Is it not true that with each loss in our lives we have learned so much? 

Many of us suffer so much in order to learn. Whether we are learning a life lesson or to write in cursive, it’s a different level of processing that we each use. Now, how does this come back to fear? Fear will stop us dead in our tracks and may prevent the learning to take place. If we’re afraid that we’ll do it wrong, so often we stop and leave the task incomplete. We let fear stop us. As a child I always feared that I would not do well when taking tests in school. Consequently, there were many tests that I did not complete because I gave up, I was so afraid that I froze. Of course, as an adult I know better but what I did then became a part of who I am now. Fear can leave us powerless.

So, I’m taking back my power. You ask, how? I’m going to expose my fear. By exposing the fear, I allow in the light. Ahhhh here we go again, it’s all about the Light. “Light is Love, Love is Healing, Healing comes from the Light.” This is what spirit told us last night. I say it all the time: there is no healing without love. To expose your fears is to allow the light in, and to allow the light in is to begin the healing process. The more exposed you allow your fears to be the more Light that can flow into them, and the more healing that will take place.

Do not allow your fears to hide any longer. Expose them as the learning processes that they are. Then … allow the healing to take place.

Post Script: All of this came just 7 hours after I had written a class on releasing your fears: Metaphysical Playground ~ Releasing Fear. I guess Spirit really want us all to learn this lesson. 

I wish you Light,

image of sunrise

Too Late to go Back To Sleep

“Too late to go back to sleep…”


I love theater and this is a quote from “Defying Gravity”, a song from the musical Wicked. I admit, somewhat sheepishly, that until now I didn’t really know what it meant in the context of the song. Recently the full intent of it hit me like a ton of brick. I had just received a message from spirit that basically pushed me out of the proverbial (cozy and warm) nest and the realization that once awakened to the full enormity of All that is, it is impossible “to go back to sleep”. How I processed that went something like : “wow, that was a lot of intense information, all I really want to do is crawl in a corner and forget about it for a while, maybe it won’t seem so challenging after a bit of time away from it.” Pause for thinking and a little hyperventilating, then “oh, that was the message. There is no more time, the time is now and I have to act. Shoot! Can’t I just have a little more time pretending I don’t know it? No? Oh blast.” Then the song came into my head and a light bulb went on.  That’s what the song meant! Once youknow, you can’t pretend that you don’t know. You can’t “go back to sleep.” You have to move forward and put fear, doubt and second-guessing aside.


Are you in that place where youknow but you are still letting apprehension or self-doubt prevent you from taking the next step? Are you pretending that you don’t know and staying in your cozy corner? We understand! That’s what we are here for at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, to support you in that scary unknown where you step out of your comfort zone and into the Light of endless possibility!! We have many opportunities for you to explore the amazing world beyond our 5 senses. If you need information on something we’re not offering- let us know right here on the blog. We love input!

Feeling like you might be ready to immerse yourself in this kind of learning? We have a week-long retreat in paradise March of 2016 to do just that. There is still time to register and get a $100 discount here: http://bit.ly/1MEHpyL   Find out more info here.

Wishing you Love and Light,