Do You Care for Yourself?


We talk about self-care often. We remind our friends and our loved ones to actively care for themselves all the time. But we still don’t do it for ourselves. Why? We’ve got a million reasons why not, don’t we?

This has gotten me into trouble today. You see, I’ve had issues with my back since I was 20 years old. That’s a long time since I’m 54 today. I should have a regular routine by now to help me to support myself. I should have some really good habits in place. Alas, I don’t. I don’t give myself permission to care for myself. Conveniently, I forget to do my regular exercises that would keep my back strong and fit. These are simple and only take a few minutes a few times a day to do, but I still don’t do them regularly.

That’s my issue, what’s yours?! What are your excuses? How simple would it really be to do what you need to for yourself?

Self-care means different things to different people. None of them are simple if you’re the one that needs them. For me, drinking enough and more than enough water each day is simple. For so many, that’s the hardest thing they do all day. Too many of my clients aren’t enjoying themselves enough. Is this you too? For instance when they come to me for energy work or a reading and are on or at my table, their Spirit Guides will make sure that I tell them that they need to laugh more, or be with their friends more often, or get out of the house!

Are you  celebrating life? Your life is worthy of a grand celebration!! Don’t sell yourself short here. I know, it may sound selfish but it really isn’t! Get out there and have more fun.

Me? I need to make a commitment to myself. I know this because as I get older, my body likes to remind me of the commitment that I haven’t made more often. Please, if nothing else, listen to your body. Your body will always show signs of what is going on internally, mentally, and spiritually.

Loving Yourself

Again, it’s easy to say these “I will” statements but until we really learn to love ourselves, all the parts, our self-care suffers. Self-love and self-care really do go hand in hand. One feeds the other.

Now, get a massage, go for a hike, enjoy the beach, meditate, hang out with your friends, eat a marvelous meal, garden, and celebrate your life! You’re Worth It!

I Wish You Light



Overwhelm and Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious has been a recurring concern that we have noticed here at Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA over this past month. The holidays that happen at the end of the calendar year often mean time with- or without- family and friends which can result in anxiousness. The cause of the stress may be different, but the internal reaction can be quite similar: feeling the need to retreat, isolate or create barriers to more outside influence. This is a common problem no matter what age you are, for empaths and non-empaths alike.

For some people, at some times, this works fine- other times it doesn’t work as well. For those of you wishing for a different approach, we’d like to offer this alternative to closing yourself off and pulling away from the world and the physical body you inhabit.

Try this meditation: Focus your attention on one body part at a time and really feel the surfaces that are touching you- clothing, seat, floor. Notice the temperature of the air on your exposed skin, sense the darkness or light with your eyes closed. Now expand your awareness to your energy that is outside the confines of your body- your aura. Feel how large it is and what it passes through or comes to rest against. Now enjoy feeling yourself taking up all of this space, both physically and energetically. Stamp your feet and revel in your own solidity. Take a few deep, slow breaths with your hands on your hips and your feet spread wide as you become accustomed to this expanded way of being.

You are not hiding or retreating, you are taking up ALL of your real estate and you are entitled to it. From this place of confidence and self-awareness you can let love and compassion for others flow effortlessly out of you and towards everyone around you, without judgement or restriction. Practicing self-love and self-care in this way makes you more capable of helping others. It also makes you less likely to feel overwhelmed and more in control of your own emotions. This is not intended to dismiss or minimize the issues of anyone dealing with panic attacks, depression or severe anxiety disorder. It is instead aimed at those who are looking for a new tool to deal with situational anxiety. It is also a terrific way of realizing your power to effect change in the world by sending out love. This is an active endeavor that can decrease your sense of helplessness with all that is going on around the globe.

Here is a fantastic talk on standing in your power by Amy Cuddy

In love and Light,

Kristi, Amy and Andrea

image of waterfall

My Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation


I sit in my chair outside. It’s straight backed, black, wood. The seat is warm. I take in the sounds of the children playing in the neighborhood, the birds singing in the trees, the wind rustling the leaves, and teh crickets so happy. The sun warms my face and I feel the breeze on my cheek. I slip my shoes off and spread my toes. I can feel the air between them, and the grass too. I’m aware of my feet sitting firmly on the ground.

Then it happens, I feel the earth energy come into the skin on the souls of my feet. I feel it move into those toes and the balls of my feet, up into my ankles and now I feel my feet becoming part of the earth. My roots are growing.
I invite the energy up and it responds. It’s moving into my calves and knees. Now it reaches the large muscles of my thighs and I am energized by Mother Earth. At this point I feel the energy in every cell, every drop of blood, in the marrow of my bones! Up it comes to my hips and ribs. As it reaches my heart, I inhale. Not purposely, it just happens that I take a very deep breath. It completely fills my lungs and in doing so allows my heart to take up even more Earth Energy! My heart grows as it fills with Gaia herself. Up into my shoulders now, completely relaxing and taking away every last bit of harbored stress. I feel it woosh down my arms.
Then into my head. It’s then that my breath becomes stronger, my sinuses clear and my headache begins to dissipate. I can feel the energy move into scalp and into each follicle of hair. Now I have this feeling of my whole body taking on the magnitude of the mountains and the majesty of the Sequoya trees. I feel that I am the beauty and power of a waterfall.

At this point I feel that heaven is coming down to meet me too. I am now empowered equally by heaven and earth. I am strong, I am mighty, I am invincible!

I Wish You Light,

image of light from heaven

Moving Through This Shift With Grace

Moving Through This Shift with Grace


We’re all feeling it now. There’s something that we can’t quite put our finger on, something that has us feeling a bit off, maybe even unwell. How have you been feeling since the weekend?
It’s the Shift. I admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about it’s coming but then it happened to me. I get it now, because it’s happening and I too am in the thick of it. My belief and what I’ve been told by my guides in my channeling meditation, is that it’s coming in waves, and that it is not reserved for just the few that have a certain vibration already, No. This shift is for all of those on the planet, all human beings will be a part of it. I’ve been talking about the vibration of our planet elevating for a few years now but this Shift is different. I do however, believe that it’s happening with such speed now because the vibration has reached a certain level that it is now possible for all of us to experience and feel this Shift.
heaven__s_light_13765932_by_stockproject1-d3p82jnThere are those of us who have begun to feel it already. I believe that those are the people who are actively working on raising our own personal vibration, the healers, the artist, the magik people. I say this because I see it happening that way with those around me. I can’t promise you when the next two or three shifts will happen but I do know that they will indeed happen. All of us will rise together. (“Together”, of course, is a bit of a time lapse video.)
The good news is that there are ways to ease into this Shift with grace. As my guides told me Tuesday night in meditation, it is imperative that we remain grounded during this time. This means making a conscious effort to be present in our bodies, to concentrate on our lower 3 chakras. We must not only balance our Solar Plexus, Sakral, and Root chakras, we must then throw, with force, these chakras deep into our earth. Connection with our earth is so important to us now. This is more than just the knowledge of what is happening to our forest and recycling etc. This is to truly feel the soil, the warmth of our earth and to reach further down into the liquid molten center of Mother Gaia herself. We must not forget that we are human! Those of us who meditate and strive to reach higher for the light are forgetting that we ARE HUMAN. We’ve been given these physical bodies, they are a gift, a tool if you will. We are of the earth. Do not forget this. In doing this … insert happy dance here  … we ease our human. That is to say, grounding helps to alleviate the physical pain and trauma of our bodies. It will also keep us from getting cranky and irritable. All the ‘human’ symptoms of this elevation can be eased with grounding ourselves.
Do whatever it takes to be fully present in your body and to keep the physical distress of this ascension at bay. Grounding can be done with a physical meditation, a walk in the forest, hematite, black tourmaline, red jasper or other grounding stones in your pockets (yes, keep a grounding stone low near your base chakra), soaking in the tub or hot tub, exercise, whatever it takes and whatever makes you comfortable, do THAT!
If you are part of this first wave, you too are in the thick of it now. And if you’re like me, today is a really good day.
I Wish You Light,

*I would like to give photograph credit but, alas, I cannot find the name of the photographer.