Overwhelm and Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious has been a recurring concern that we have noticed here at Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA over this past month. The holidays that happen at the end of the calendar year often mean time with- or without- family and friends which can result in anxiousness. The cause of the stress may be different, but the internal reaction can be quite similar: feeling the need to retreat, isolate or create barriers to more outside influence. This is a common problem no matter what age you are, for empaths and non-empaths alike.

For some people, at some times, this works fine- other times it doesn’t work as well. For those of you wishing for a different approach, we’d like to offer this alternative to closing yourself off and pulling away from the world and the physical body you inhabit.

Try this meditation: Focus your attention on one body part at a time and really feel the surfaces that are touching you- clothing, seat, floor. Notice the temperature of the air on your exposed skin, sense the darkness or light with your eyes closed. Now expand your awareness to your energy that is outside the confines of your body- your aura. Feel how large it is and what it passes through or comes to rest against. Now enjoy feeling yourself taking up all of this space, both physically and energetically. Stamp your feet and revel in your own solidity. Take a few deep, slow breaths with your hands on your hips and your feet spread wide as you become accustomed to this expanded way of being.

You are not hiding or retreating, you are taking up ALL of your real estate and you are entitled to it. From this place of confidence and self-awareness you can let love and compassion for others flow effortlessly out of you and towards everyone around you, without judgement or restriction. Practicing self-love and self-care in this way makes you more capable of helping others. It also makes you less likely to feel overwhelmed and more in control of your own emotions. This is not intended to dismiss or minimize the issues of anyone dealing with panic attacks, depression or severe anxiety disorder. It is instead aimed at those who are looking for a new tool to deal with situational anxiety. It is also a terrific way of realizing your power to effect change in the world by sending out love. This is an active endeavor that can decrease your sense of helplessness with all that is going on around the globe.

Here is a fantastic talk on standing in your power by Amy Cuddy

In love and Light,

Kristi, Amy and Andrea




Fear lives deep inside of us. Deep in a dark space, tucked away, heavy and without light. It stops us cold and can instantly bring on the sweats. It makes us do or not do so many different things, things that do not serve us.
Releasing Fear
Releasing Fear

I’ll try to put into a nutshell what came through in last night’s group meditation via channeled information

Fear is a GIFT. Fear is an important part of what makes us human. We’ve been given this gift of being human. As humans we’re given many gifts such as loss, pain and sorrow. YES these are gifts. These are very important gifts that allow us to learn so much. Is it not true that with each loss in our lives we have learned so much? 

Many of us suffer so much in order to learn. Whether we are learning a life lesson or to write in cursive, it’s a different level of processing that we each use. Now, how does this come back to fear? Fear will stop us dead in our tracks and may prevent the learning to take place. If we’re afraid that we’ll do it wrong, so often we stop and leave the task incomplete. We let fear stop us. As a child I always feared that I would not do well when taking tests in school. Consequently, there were many tests that I did not complete because I gave up, I was so afraid that I froze. Of course, as an adult I know better but what I did then became a part of who I am now. Fear can leave us powerless.

So, I’m taking back my power. You ask, how? I’m going to expose my fear. By exposing the fear, I allow in the light. Ahhhh here we go again, it’s all about the Light. “Light is Love, Love is Healing, Healing comes from the Light.” This is what spirit told us last night. I say it all the time: there is no healing without love. To expose your fears is to allow the light in, and to allow the light in is to begin the healing process. The more exposed you allow your fears to be the more Light that can flow into them, and the more healing that will take place.

Do not allow your fears to hide any longer. Expose them as the learning processes that they are. Then … allow the healing to take place.

Post Script: All of this came just 7 hours after I had written a class on releasing your fears: Metaphysical Playground ~ Releasing Fear. I guess Spirit really want us all to learn this lesson. 

I wish you Light,