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Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid & Healing

Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid & Healing

Presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium

Crystal Grids and Healing go hand in hand. Andrea has used crystals in her healing work for many years. Now she’s put the two together for group work.

This event works from the center of the room and pushes the energy out. It begins with a Reiki Grid in the middle of the room. This grid has both clear quartz points and lemurian seed crystal points sending the energy of the prominent stone of the night out to you.

On the floor are up to 8 mats (space is very limited) laid out to extend the grid further. Each mat has Lemurian seed points placed to intensify the the chakra stones that will be placed on your body to open, balance and expand your chakras. Each person’s stones are not the same because not everyone uses the same stone for the same chakras. Spirit chooses the stones before you arrive. It is all divinely pieced together. Then the music. The music that she’s chosen resonates with the individual chakras, one at a time.

3 more chakras

As the chakra music plays she moves around to each of you. Each person receives an individual healing. Spirit works through Andrea to make sure that you get exactly what is meant for you.

Participants receive 15% off any stones purchased at time of the event.

*Saturday February 23rd
*7 pm – 9 pm
*$45 per person

 *Purchase of this ticket grants permission to use my still and or video image for promotion of Center for Holistic Healing and Art.

Putting Your Crystals to Work

Metaphysical Playground Session 1, Class 4
Putting Crystals to Work

You probably have at least a handful of crystals that you’ve chosen for your own. Maybe you even carry them with you. Please bring them along for this new course.
Andrea Kukulka has put together a new class about crystals for you. Crystals, like ourselves, are of this Earth and therefore share in the same energy that we do. We are all connected not only to each other but to all things of our planet. In this course, your connection to crystals will grow. This class will go deeper into the uses of crystals themselves and what you can get out of them.

In this course you’ll learn the following and more:

  • Choosing the right crystal for you

  • Crystals for individual chakras

  • Intensifying the energy in any one individual crystal

  • Crystal grid building

  • Programming Crystals


Center for Holistic Healing and Art, 263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

Feb. 2, 2017   7-9 pm


cyrstals in chakra arrangement

Crystals ~ Metaphysical Playground

Metaphysical Playground ~ Crystals
presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium.

Crystals have been used since the beginning of time. Many cultures around the world use them in holistic medicine. Why? Because they have many healing properties.

This class will concentrate on 9 of my favorite stones, each one resonating with a chakra, including one for Spirit and one for Earth. You’ll touch and feel the energy of each of these stones and decide for yourself which ones work with you for your highest and your best.

Let’s find the perfect set of crystals for you to use in your self-care.

This series of class is kept small enough for everyone to be able to ask questions and add their own stories.

*** $35 per person. All crystals will be 10% off the evening of this workshop.***

At the Center for Holistic Healing and Art

263 N. Main St. Mansfield, MA

MP ~ Cutting Cords with Arch Angel Michael

Metaphysical Playground ~
Cutting Cords with Arch Angel Michael

Presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium


Cutting Cords is not something that should be taken lightly. It’s a process, one that should be approached with kindness, love and healing.

Some of what you’ll learn in this workshop:

• Why cut cords

• What cords should be cut

• Learn what the cords feel like

• Learn how to cut one part of a cord to a person without cutting them out of your life entirely.

• Feel the difference when you become lighter and free

• Learn how to cut cords for yourself and for others

Together with the help of each person in the group, you will learn how to cut cords for yourself and others. I encourage you to bring a friend to help you through this intimate process.

**$50 per person**
*pay here in advance*