Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid & Healing

Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid & Healing

Presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium

Crystal Grids and Healing go hand in hand. Andrea has used crystals in her healing work for many years. Now she’s put the two together for group work.

This event works from the center of the room and pushes the energy out. It begins with a Reiki Grid in the middle of the room. This grid has both clear quartz points and lemurian seed crystal points sending the energy of the prominent stone of the night (often an extra large Amethyst point) out to you.

On the floor are up to 8 mats (space is very limited) laid out to extend the grid further. Each mat has Lemurian seed points placed to intensify the the chakra stones that will be placed on your body to open, balance and expand your chakras. Each person’s stones are not the same because not everyone uses the same stone for the same chakras. Spirit chooses the stones before you arrive. It is all divinely pieced together. Then the music. The music that she’s chosen resonates with the individual chakras, one at a time.

3 more chakras

As the chakra music plays she moves around to each of you. Each person receives an individual healing. Spirit works through Andrea to make sure that you get exactly what is meant for you.

Participants receive 15% off any stones purchased at time of the event.

*Friday, September 28th
*7 pm – 9 pm
*$45 per person

 *Purchase of this ticket grants permission to use my still and or video image for promotion of Center for Holistic Healing and Art.

Taking Care of Yourself

selfcare at Center for Holistic Healing and ArtSpoiler Alert!! Taking care of yourself doesn’t get easier as you get older. Sorry if that comes as a shock. The daily requirements of getting enough (including appropriate amounts and kinds) food, water, exercise and sleep continue to remain a challenge for me and many of my friends. I somehow anticipated that it was only an issue for the “newly adulting” set, back when I could count myself in that group, but no- it remains a challenge at the best of times for myself as well as for friends in their third decade as well as those in their seventh decade. I have to assume that it continues until, as in childhood, someone else becomes responsible for taking care of us. Add in illness, an increased stress due to major life changes, or both and it becomes a recipe for disaster in the realm of self-care. This is when friends and loved ones are essential. They can offer gentle yet insistent reminders and encouragement to not only meet those basic needs, but to also juggle the myriad questions of what medicines to take and how much, how to modify food and liquid intake, exercise, even when to call out of work!

This is the time of year when so many are getting some kind of transient illness. I encourage you to do two things: 1. Reach out to your friends and family if you are sick and get the support you need so you may get better faster. Don’t try to be superhuman and handle it all on your own. 2. Don’t listen to your friends and family when they are sick and insist that they are “fine”. Give them a little TLC even if it’s just daily phone calls to remind them to take care of themselves.

My message here is this- taking care of yourself is challenging. Don’t give yourself a hard time for having to work at it and think about it on a regular basis. No one really does it automatically, it just looks like that from the outside. It’s worth it to keep aiming for the ideal balance, but it’s not a goal you can attain and then never worry about again. The need for self-care is inescapable, so embrace it and honor the fact that your body’s need change from day to day. Be kind to yourself on this journey, and don’t be afraid to reach out for support. That’s our specialty at Center for Holistic Healing and Art, supporting you on your journey so you can shine!

Empath Empowerment Interactive Webinar

*** This event is now digital as an interactive Webinar. Participate in the comfort of your own home.

Handling your own emotions can be tough, managing the emotions you feel from those around you can be even trickier.

Learn how to best love the gift of enhanced sensitivity to the emotions and moods of others without letting it rule your life?

We will begin with a group meditation followed by the sharing of tips and experiences for maximizing life balance and harmony while expanding spiritual and personal growth as an empath. Please bring questions and concerns.

There will be a moderator to convey your typed questions to us if you’d prefer not to voice them yourself.
You will be able to turn off your video and /or audio and still see and hear us if you so desire.
It will be best experienced in a quiet, lit space.

It’s not always easy to be fabulous. We’d like to help you keep sparkling!

  • Friday, October 27th, 2017

  • 7 – 8:30 pm

  • From your own couch!

Brought to you by the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA


Do You Care for Yourself?


We talk about self-care often. We remind our friends and our loved ones to actively care for themselves all the time. But we still don’t do it for ourselves. Why? We’ve got a million reasons why not, don’t we?

This has gotten me into trouble today. You see, I’ve had issues with my back since I was 20 years old. That’s a long time since I’m 54 today. I should have a regular routine by now to help me to support myself. I should have some really good habits in place. Alas, I don’t. I don’t give myself permission to care for myself. Conveniently, I forget to do my regular exercises that would keep my back strong and fit. These are simple and only take a few minutes a few times a day to do, but I still don’t do them regularly.

That’s my issue, what’s yours?! What are your excuses? How simple would it really be to do what you need to for yourself?

Self-care means different things to different people. None of them are simple if you’re the one that needs them. For me, drinking enough and more than enough water each day is simple. For so many, that’s the hardest thing they do all day. Too many of my clients aren’t enjoying themselves enough. Is this you too? For instance when they come to me for energy work or a reading and are on or at my table, their Spirit Guides will make sure that I tell them that they need to laugh more, or be with their friends more often, or get out of the house!

Are you  celebrating life? Your life is worthy of a grand celebration!! Don’t sell yourself short here. I know, it may sound selfish but it really isn’t! Get out there and have more fun.

Me? I need to make a commitment to myself. I know this because as I get older, my body likes to remind me of the commitment that I haven’t made more often. Please, if nothing else, listen to your body. Your body will always show signs of what is going on internally, mentally, and spiritually.

Loving Yourself

Again, it’s easy to say these “I will” statements but until we really learn to love ourselves, all the parts, our self-care suffers. Self-love and self-care really do go hand in hand. One feeds the other.

Now, get a massage, go for a hike, enjoy the beach, meditate, hang out with your friends, eat a marvelous meal, garden, and celebrate your life! You’re Worth It!

I Wish You Light



Flame of Light Connection from Center for Holistic Healing and Art

Rays of Light Connection 6-9-17

 Rays of Light Connection
is a sample of what
Light Connection can do for you.

Rays of Light Connection is a form of holistic energetic healing.  It is a group healing event that includes individual Heart Ignitions. It will open your heart to Divine Light & Healing. This heart opening is not only so that you may love others on a deeper level, but also to achieve deeper self-love! With this heart ignition comes a feeling of lightness and openness that will allow you to feel more deeply. It gently dusts fear aside while it brings love to the surface. You will leave feeling grounded and loved. It’s quite the combination. 

This group healing will give you a small taste of the power of an individual Light Connection, where 2 practioners work with you at once.

What to expect during this event:

*You will sit in a circle, creating a healing dome of energy.
*There will be an opening meditation specific to each group to unite and balance the energies.
*Kristi, Amy and Andrea then bring Light Connection into the room.
*They will circle the room to give each person an individual Light Connection Heart Ignition. 
*You will be guided in grounding and there will be time to share your experience if you choose to.

When your heart is open you will be able to receive the abundance and joy that you want and deserve. Prepare yourself for accelerated healing and growth. Join Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection.

~Are you ready to take the next step in your own expansion of Love?

If so, please join us!

  • Friday June 9th, 2017

  • at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

  • 7 – 9 pm

  • $45

Conversations with Great Spirit

Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis have been working together at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art in Mansfield MA weekly since spring of 2014 channeling messages from angels, Archangels, guides and various spirit groups, but none more consistent or more powerful than the collective of Light Beings known as GREAT SPIRIT. 

This collective has been encouraging the trio to share their messages widely and to offer their words about ways to maximize your connection to infinite Love and Light. Great Spirit is a high vibrational energy that is transmitted by these these three amazing woman. Via direct channeling through these ladies, Great Spirit will offer you words of encouragement and support, which may even include specific steps you may take so that you will leave with a new understanding of your limitless potential. Your heart is sure to feel the depth of love you receive as you sit in this energy and listen to their words .

Here are just two testimonials from these high emission evenings:

-Mary O: “It was great, thank you for sharing this with us. Feel the love, sprinkle the love. I will be back for more…”

-Marilyn M: “It was an awesome evening! Has changed my whole way of looking at my life. Sign me up for the next one please!!!!”

  • Saturday May 13th

  • At Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

  • 7 – 8:30 pm *this may go later

  • $45

Completion. Metaphysical Playground Session 2: The Stairs. Class 5

Metaphysical Playground
Session 2: The Stairs

Taught by
Amy Antonellis, Kristi Johnston & Andrea Kukulka

The previous 4 weeks of this session on The Stairs portion of The Map have allowed you to be aware of and decide on the persona you share with the world, acknowledge and support your inner child, accept and integrate the many facets of yourself, and forgive everything in your past.

These classes have resulted in major shifts in how you see yourself and your role in the world. Now it’s time to wrap up the work and allow it all to settle in so you have a renewed sense of self and feel fully empowered to take on your next stage in life.

Even if you have been doing your inner work on your own, this class is a great opportunity to see all of your efforts come together to reveal a whole new you!

*Thursday June 15th
*Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Mansfield MA
*7-9 pm

Focus: This class will bring you back into your total BEing. This is where all of the pieces come together to make you complete and whole. 

*Meditation to integrate the many shifts in your self-awareness
* Energetic Alignment to your new vibration  provided by Amy, Andrea and Kristi
*Journaling about your meditation and new understanding
*Discussion to share and process your experience with appropriate support


**by RSVPing you’re giving permission to allow photographs and video to be taken**

Inner Child. Metaphysical Playground Session 2: The Stairs. Class 2

Metaphysical Playground
A Deeper Path to Mediumship

Session 2: The Stairs
Taught by Kristi Johnston

Locate and support your inner child  to heal the past in order to move forward into your future with renewed confidence and self-understanding.

Thursday May 4th
Center for Holistic Healing & Art
7-9 pm

Focus: Reaching and nurturing your inner child. No matter what is in your past, this class will allow your inner child to experience true unconditional love.

* Meditation to locate and open a conversation with your inner child.

* Journaling about your meditation experience

* Healing meditation to nurture your inner child and offer unconditional love.

* Discussion to process this experience and receive necessary support.

**by RSVPing you’re giving permission to allow photographs and video to be taken**

Underneath the Mask. Metaphysical Playground Session 2: The Stairs. Class 1

Metaphysical Playground
A Deeper Path to Mediumship

Session 2: The Stair
Class 1: Underneath the Mask
Taught by
Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston & Amy Antonellis

Everyone wears masks. Different masks for different people and situations. There’s another mask you wear when you look in the mirror. You try to see yourself as you want to be seen. But what’s behind all those different masks? What’s behind them all is the Whole and Complete version of yourself.

Come play with color and paper to see what happens when you create a new mask.

Fun with Masks

 The evening will include but is not limited to:

  • Meditation

  • Creating  Masks

  • Journaling

  • Exploring Your Creation- reality vs. illusion

Focus: How do you face the world? Which part of you do you lead with when you meet new people? How do you wish to change that?

*Thursday April 20
*Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Mansfield MA

*7-9 pm
*RSVP Below to save your spot

**By RSVPing you’re giving permission to allow photographs and video to be taken and shared in our advertising of this or future events, unless you opt out in writing at the event.**

photo of bunny Center for Holistic Healing and Art

No More Hiding

This week I have heard a phrase repeated several times in my meditations and quiet moments: “no more hiding”. It popped into my head as the caption to a photo I took of a bunny in my yard “Are you hiding in plain sight?”.photo of bunny Center for Holistic Healing and Art It came as I was commenting publicly about Monday night’s presidential debate, which is out of character for me. It showed up again in a group meditation last night where all of us heard it loudly and clearly:  “The time to be passive is far behind. Take charge.”

Today I saw a short video of Gary Vaynerchuk saying that he thinks there is a silent majority of people who are happy and keeping it to themselves, but the tiny percent of unhappy, angry folks are loud and make it seem as if they are the majority. His video is called Positivity on Offense!! I think these two things are telling me- and you- the same thing. The time to speak up is now, to stop being afraid of angering the already angry, to meet hate with love and kindness. Many atrocities have happened in our history because well-meaning people kept silent, stood by and did nothing. I don’t want to be part of that silent majority who stood by and didn’t counter the swell of hate, misinformation and anger. I want to speak up and be heard as hopeful, loving and happy.

Are you part of the happy majority? I’m not suggesting that every moment in every one of your days is perfect sunshine and roses, but overall are you content with where you are in life and looking forward to the future? I am not only looking forward to the future but I’m excited about it! I know that I will get out of life exactly what I put into it and I am putting “experience more joy” at the top of my “to-do” list.  Let’s change the presumption that unhappiness is the norm. Let’s be the voices of love and use positive energy to change the tide to bring healing instead of division. Say it with me: ” I am HAPPY!”


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