Personal and Professional Growth

When you feel like you are doing your best and still not getting the results you want, you might need to tap some extra resources. We have what you need to help you speed up the pace.

If things are going fine but you’re looking to accelerate to get all you deserve, look no further.

With customized Coaching, Mentoring, Akashic Records Readings, and Light Connection to choose from, you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve. Each of these targets a specific issue and a free consultation will help you decide which is the perfect fit for you.

Flame of Light Connection from Center for Holistic Healing and Art

Rays of Light Connection 6-9-17

 Rays of Light Connection
is a sample of what
Light Connection can do for you.

Rays of Light Connection is a form of holistic energetic healing.  It is a group healing event that includes individual Heart Ignitions. It will open your heart to Divine Light & Healing. This heart opening is not only so that you may love others on a deeper level, but also to achieve deeper self-love! With this heart ignition comes a feeling of lightness and openness that will allow you to feel more deeply. It gently dusts fear aside while it brings love to the surface. You will leave feeling grounded and loved. It’s quite the combination. 

This group healing will give you a small taste of the power of an individual Light Connection, where 2 practioners work with you at once.

What to expect during this event:

*You will sit in a circle, creating a healing dome of energy.
*There will be an opening meditation specific to each group to unite and balance the energies.
*Kristi, Amy and Andrea then bring Light Connection into the room.
*They will circle the room to give each person an individual Light Connection Heart Ignition. 
*You will be guided in grounding and there will be time to share your experience if you choose to.

When your heart is open you will be able to receive the abundance and joy that you want and deserve. Prepare yourself for accelerated healing and growth. Join Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection.

~Are you ready to take the next step in your own expansion of Love?

If so, please join us!

  • Friday June 9th, 2017

  • at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

  • 7 – 9 pm

  • $45

All That Is


Light Connection

Light Connection is a healing modality that came to Amy, Kristi and Andrea through a direct download during one of their routine weekly meetings. They have found that this energy is in everything they do. It is a major part of all the healing work that do together and individually. Read more about Light Connection HERE. flame of light connection from the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA


Conversations with Great Spirit

Great Spirit is our leading force! It is the through Great Spirit that we get so many of our lessons. These are the lessons that we share with all those who take our classes and come to our events. In the events that we call Conversations With Great Spirit what we do is sit before the group and channel the information that comes through for all those in attendance. Each conversation is different than the last! Learn More HERE.


The Map

Ahhhh The Map! So much can be said about The Map. So much in fact that The Map has become a book! Please take a look at excerpts and purchase your own copy HERE.


Metaphysical Playground

This is an ongoing series of classes designed to help you to navigate through the many layers of metaphysics. There are so many aspects of what can be taught that we’ve broken it down into five part series’. As we work our way around The Map there’s a new series to teach and absorb. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and healing for a balanced and fulfilling life. We believe that Metaphysical Playground is a part of that. Keep up with what the next series is HERE.

Crystal Cave Grid


Happy New Year!
We hope you are ready to welcome in lots of new, positive energy in this new year! We are very excited with the direction we are heading in 2017 and can’t wait to share it all with you.
We are continuing to offer our new Great Spirit Talks at the low introductory rate for January, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience this amazing information, be sure to join us this month!
A recurring theme lately has been how to deal with anxiety and the sense of overwhelm that can come with it. If you’re looking for a new way to deal with that, try this approach.

Read more of our latest newsletter including upcoming events.

Spirit Retreat Puerto Vallarta 2016 double rainbow

Spiritual Retreat 2017

Join us for a trip to the
Myan Temple at Chich’en Itza 

Dedicated to the Serpent God Kukulcan

March 18- 25, 2017 the Center for Holistic Healing and Art will be traveling to Puerto Morelos, Mexico just south of Cancun for a week-long immersion in self-discovery and expansion and a trip to the pyramids! Amy, Andrea and Kristi will act as guides and mentors for an intimate group for this week away from the ordinary. We will be staying at an adults only, all-inclusive, 5 star resort on the lovely Mexican Riviera where March temperatures are a delightful 86 degrees on average. The week will include daily meditation plus a variety of metaphysical and creative activities designed to support and encourage you to dive deep within yourself to let your goddess shine. After inner exploration there will be ample time for further self-care by re-charging in the ocean and pools. We will be treated to many types of cuisine and entertainment provided by the resort. The week will include but is not limited to:

  • Exploration of the Akashic Records

  • Light Connection healing

  • Conversations with Great Spirit

  • Self-Realization workshops using The Map

  • Mediumship

  • Spirit drawing

  • Intuitive Energy Cards

  • Meditative doodling

  • Crystal grid healing

  • Chakra balancing

This week will be about experiencing these types of things as well as exploring how you are able to connect to more than your 5 senses. Intense opening to self can be challenging, but when done with this group support and balanced with pampering and fun, it creates the path to magnificent growth!

As part of our retreat we will be picked up at the resort by a private van with a personal guide to enjoy a full day excursion to the  Mayan Kukulkan Pyramid, local taqueria, shopping and a swim in a cenote (cave with a natural pool). A second, partial day excursion will include a boat trip that will allow us to see and swim with sea turtles and we may also find dolphins!

Your fee will include:

  • 7 nights and 8 days of lodging

  • 24-hr delicious food and top-shelf beverages including room service

  • Access to beach and pools as well as hot tub and fitness center

  • Two cultural excursions

  • All the metaphysical activities and workshops

It may also include round trip airport transportation (still working on that with facility). Prepayment 30 days in advance will allow a $50 discount off total and coupons for spa services. It does not include beverages while on the excursions, tipping of tour guides. You will want to consider money for shopping opportunities and any spa treatments you would like to treat yourself to as well.

Rates are based on double occupancy in hotel suites, two double beds per room, shower, jacuzzi, balcony. It does not include airfare to/from Cancun International Airport. Total investment for this luxurious week of connecting with your inner goddess is $2200. This is what self-love is all about!

If you feel you are meant to join us on this exclusive retreat, contact Kristi at to inquire about availability of space.

See photos from 2016 Spiritual Retreat here.
Put your deposit in by January 31st to save $50 here.

Rays of Light Connection

 Rays of Light Connection
is a sample of what
Light Connection can do for you.

Rays of Light Connection is a holistic energetic healing  that will open up your heart. It is a group healing event that gives you a sense of what the individual Light Connection is all about.

When your heart is open you will be able to receive the abundance and joy that you deserve. Prepare yourself for accelerated healing and growth. Join Andrea Kukulka, Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis as they fill the room- and your heart, with the magnified energy of Light Connection.

~Are you ready to take the next step in your own expression of Love?

If so, please join us!

  • Saturday February 11th

  • 7 – 9 pm

  • Uplifting Connections, 1355 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater MA

  • $50

  • RSVP to 508.697.2334 or online HERE

Conversations with Great Spirit

Conversation with Great Spirit
channeled by Andrea Kukulka,
Amy Antonellis and
Kristi Johnston.

These ladies have been channeling together weekly for nearly three years and have been instructed by Spirit to share the experience with you. They will take you on a journey to explore All That Is. They will present a collective Source entity known as Great Spirit. You will learn more about your connection to infinite Love and Light and will leave with a new understanding of your limitless potential.

They will share this beautiful experience with you at noon, so please stop by and check it out. 12:00-12:45ish🙏

*Shanti Shala’s Fall Fair
*Sunday September 18th
*10 am – 4 pm
*Andrea, Kristi & Amy will present at 12 Noon

*RSVP on facebook HERE

Spirit retreat 2016 Puerto Vallarta. One side of the resort

Spiritual Retreat 2016

In March we had our first ever  Spiritual Retreat Week. We took our show on the road to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week filled holistic healing including meditations, spirit reading, Akashic record reading, Rays of Light Connection, Holy fire Reiki, a crystal grid healing session, meditative doodling and lots of relaxing pool-side. We stayed at the marvelous all-inclusive resort Velas Vallarta, where the rooms were spacious and the food was fabulous. One afternoon we went downtown to the boardwalk and old city part of Puerto Vallarta for some shopping,  and another we went to the Dolphin Adventure to swim with dolphins and meet a squirrel monkey and parrots. Mostly we enjoyed all the resort had to offer.

There were at least 5 peacocks, 2 iguanas and 2 cats on the property. The landscaping was lush and reflective of the nearby tropical jungle. A meandering  koi stream circled the entire property.

The gorgeous Bay of Banderas was mere steps away with a private beach at the end of the property. 24 hour room service (including morning capuchino delivery!),3 restaurants, pool-side service and lovely staff made us feel like queens for the week and made doing the work of inner spiritual exploration truly luxurious.

Here are some images from the week:

We had such a wonderful time and the feedback from the group was so positive that you can be sure the Center for Holistic Healing and Art will definitely be planning another Spiritual Retreat Week as well as at least one long weekend. We can’t wait!

Healing Sessions

Here at the Center for Holistic Healing & Art we are dedicated to your healing. We would love to work with you and become the first place you think of when you think Holistic Healing. 

Andrea, Kristi and Amy are all certified Reiki Master Teachers. We also practice Light Connection. These two modalities along with all the other energies and experience we bring make for powerful healing abilities. We work from the heart and believe that all healing comes from love. We tap into your highest self and your guides to find the keys to help you to move forward and to continue to heal.


You can book an appointment with 1 or 2 practitioners at a time.

Contact Andrea Kukulka by phone: 508-261-5999 or <a href=””>Email</a>

Contact Kristi Johnston by phone: 508-208-5419 or <a href=””>Email</a>


Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes taught by

Andrea Kukulka

Andrea is a Reiki Master Teacher
in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Method.


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1926 and brought to the United States in 1937 by Mrs. Takata, who studied under Chujiro Hayashi. Reiki Practioners are able to channel this energy through their hands – either above or lightly on a person – as they act as conduits to effect positive health benefits on other people such as decreased pain, decreased stress, increased rate of healing, improved ease of movement and improved sleep, to name a few. It can also be sent long distance. It is both gentle and powerful.

Anyone may take a Reiki Class! It is useful for your own health and well-being as well as that of your family and friends. You don’t have to plan to make a business out of it to benefit from Reiki.
Classes are scheduled regularly and may be found on our calendar. If you don’t see the class you’re interested in on the schedule, let Andrea know.


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I Course:

You will learn:

  • The history of Reiki

  • About the chakra system

  • Hand positions

  • Self Healing

  • How to give your friends, family and pets Reiki

  • You will also receive the Reiki I attunements

*Tuition: $150
* 10 am – 4 pm


Reiki II Class:
In this class you will further develop your ability to sense and move energy. You will learn the Reiki II symbols to augment your Reiki healing skills and you will be instructed in the process of sending distant Reiki healing. You will have opportunities to practice your new symbols and techniques on your classmates. This class will include  Reiki II Attunements and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the day.  Upon successful completion of Reiki II you may consider yourself a Reiki Practioner and accept clients should you so choose.

Next Class: May 20, 2017   Sign up Here


  Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master-Teacher Course:
*Reiki II is a prerequisite for this class.


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