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Managing Mental Health Issues in Your Healing Practice

Managing Mental Health Issues in Your Healing Practice

Navigating emotional experiences in your healing practice takes practice! It’s important to feel confident and competent with emotional issues that arise so you can take good care of yourself as well as your clients. Join Liz Disterhoft of Inner Light in Boston on Saturday, July 14th at Center for Holistic Healing and Art in Mansfield, MA to learn techniques and skills to help you ride the waves more skillfully.

Body, mind and spirit are interconnected and so it is common that clients being treated in body or energy work such as massage, acupuncture or Reiki have emotional experiences during treatment. Though the job of a body or energy worker is not the same as a licensed mental health professional, it is extremely valuable to have an understanding of how to navigate these emotional experiences for yourself as a practitioner and for your clients. In addition to enhancing your toolbox of skills and therapeutic effectiveness, being informed about mental health issues is important to help to set boundaries and better handle bumpy emotional terrain.

This class provides concepts and tools from counseling psychology such as: assessing for mental health issues, skills to create a therapeutic space to allow clients to be able to process emotions that may arise in treatment such as grief, maintaining healthy boundaries while being supportive and safely addressing issues around trauma and PTSD. You will also learn when it may be appropriate to refer a client for mental health services and how to manage a mental health crisis if needed.

This class is taught by clinical social worker Liz Disterhoft. Liz has in integrative practice in Quincy, MA and combines traditional psychotherapy with Reiki.

  • Saturday July 14th, 2018
  • 10am – 5pm
  • 263 N Main Street Mansfield MA
  • Investment $120


Would you like to feel more energetic?

How about being more peaceful, no matter what life throws at you?

Do you need relief from chronic pain or want to heal faster from injury?

Does making deeper connections appeal to you?

Do you want to feel more focused and have more satisfaction with your life?


Read on, Reiki may be just what you’re looking for!

From the International Center for Reiki Training:
“Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.”

Here at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, we are all Reiki Master Teachers in Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire is the newest form of Reiki and it is both powerful and gentle. Having also studied Usui and Shambala Reiki, we can attest that Holy Fire Reiki is different, in that it offers deeper and longer-lasting effects than the others.

With your permission we will utilize any and all of these modalities, Cranio-sacral, Angel Healing, Light Connection™, Mediumship, Akashic Records Reading and more, that your unique situation calls for, with no extra fees, in order to provide you with the greatest healing and the best possible experience.

We offer Reiki with both 1 and 2 practioners. When two energetically aligned practioners work together on one individual, they not only bring their own specialty, but they magnify each other’s capabilities by tapping into the Universal Life Force Energy together and thus creating a vortex of positive healing energy flow just for you and your highest benefit.


What Can Reiki Do?

Reiki has been shown to provide relief from:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Lack of focus

  • Pain- both acute and chronic

  • Side Effects from medication

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Faster healing from injury

How Can it Help Me?

Our clients tell us that regular Reiki helps them to feel more:

  • grounded

  • peaceful

  • calm

  • focused

  • comfortable

  • energized

  • whole

As a result, you will be able to be more efficient at home and work, be able to make deeper connections to others, deal with the ups and downs of life in a more peaceful way, have more energy for the things you are passionate about, and be able to participate in life more fully and with greater satisfaction.

Contact us at the numbers below to book your Reiki session today and get on your way to feeling the best you can be!






Usui Ryoho/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Course Nov 3,4&5, 2018

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master-Teacher Course

Presented by Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium

This is an intense three day course. In these days you’ll sink deep into the energy of Holy Fire Reiki.

There will be the following and so much more.

  • Lineage
  • Meditations
  • Daily Attunements
  • Healings
  • Writing
  • Sharing
  • Practice
  • Learning how to teach this material to your own students.
  • Certification

You may take this course if you’re coming from any other form of Reiki. Having Holy Fire I and II is not required. Andrea requires that you present her with your previous Reiki II  or Reiki Master certificate. Please reach out to her at 508.838.3730 with any questions or concerns about taking this 3 day course.

  • November 3,4 &5
  • 10 am – 4pm daily (bring a lunch)
  • $875 Tuition

*Remember, if you are a Reiki practioner, this course is something you’ll want to claim on your taxes.

Reiki 1 9.29.18

Life Force Energy

Is this the year that you become a Reiki practitioner? Take the first step with Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium. Andrea teaches Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. Join her at the Center For Holistic Healing & Art to learn this newest form of Reiki. It came to us through William Lee Rand in January of 2014. It’s very calming and loving while being as strong as the ocean. Powerful and peaceful at the same time. You’re sure to love this form of Reiki!

Reiki is a form of healing developed by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s in Japan. This healing is called an Enlightenment. The energy comes into the practitioner and is channeled through the palms of your hands and given to the recipient. While Reiki is often described as hands-on, it is most often done just above the body. It can also be sent over long distances. It is both gentle and powerful.

This class includes:
*History of Reiki
*Introductions to the Reiki Masters
*Instructions on how to use it
*Learning Self Reiki

Reiki 1 is the first step to becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

*Saturday September 29st
*10am – 4pm
*RSVP to:
*$150 per person.
*Pay your deposit or pay in full by 
Thursday, Sept. 27th
*Make payments HERE


Happy New Year!
We hope you are ready to welcome in lots of new, positive energy in this new year! We are very excited with the direction we are heading in 2017 and can’t wait to share it all with you.
We are continuing to offer our new Great Spirit Talks at the low introductory rate for January, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience this amazing information, be sure to join us this month!
A recurring theme lately has been how to deal with anxiety and the sense of overwhelm that can come with it. If you’re looking for a new way to deal with that, try this approach.

Read more of our latest newsletter including upcoming events.

26 Ways to be Safe As An Empath

As an Empath, the biggest challenge may be staying emotionally safe while still being an active participant in the world. Closing yourself off from everyone and everything that might make you feel is just not a very functional or fun option! Instead you need to find ways to comfortably be with your family & friends, go to work and navigate public spaces like grocery stores, restaurants and theaters.

You are only able to do this gracefully on a daily basis when you take time to stay grounded, re-fuel yourself with good self-care, and fully accept yourself (warts and all). Here are 26 tips on how to cope with the sense of “overwhelm” and take care of yourself so that you can be the best empathic you that you can be!

  1. Take a bath or shower. Place clearing or grounding crystals in with you for an extra boost of emotional cleansing.
  2. Take deep breaths. Visualize pulling power up from the earth as a bonus.
  3. Practice Yoga
  4. Carry a grounding crystal on you, it may be especially helpful to touch it or move it in your fingers to help you shift your energy.
  5. Burn sage or other incense.
  6. Acknowledge that the emotion is coming from outside of you.
  7. Pray- to Whomever you choose for support for you as well as for those who are suffering.
  8. Send positive, healing energy to whomever needs it.
  9. Use your sense of humor- laughter can elevate any energy!
  10. Remind yourself that you are not the cause, you cannot control it and you cannot cure it.
  11. Remove yourself from those sending out strong and uncomfortable emotions.
  12. Avoid being in close proximity to those you sense will overwhelm you with their feelings.
  13. Write down the feelings that don’t belong to you and shred them, releasing them from your energy at the same time. You could also tear the paper or burn it.
  14. Using a blow dryer or hand dryer, imagine it blowing the extra emotions away from you.
  15. Get outside. Make contact skin to ground or a tree. Release any emotions that aren’t yours to Mother Earth to be transformed.
  16. Recite or sing a mantra to change your energy and release what’s not yours.
  17.  Exercise. This is very grounding as well as mind-clearing.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Get regular massage, Reiki or other energy work to keep you balanced and clear.
  20. Make sure to include regular time alone and quiet in your schedule.
  21. Make time to be creative.
  22. Feed yourself well.
  23. Get enough sleep.
  24. Go to the water- large bodies of water are very rejuvenating.
  25. Begin your day by placing your feet on the ground very purposefully with the image of sending your roots deep into the ground. This is a very quick and easy way to start off well-grounded.
  26. Reach out for support wherever you can find it. Here at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art in Mansfield, MA we are happy to help!

With Love and Light,

Kristi, Amy and Andrea

Chakra Balancing& Healing Crystal Grid

Chakra Balancing & Healing Crystal Grid
Presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium


Crystal Grids and Healing go hand in hand. Andrea has used crystals in her healing work for many years. Now she’s put the two together for group work. 

This event works from the center of the room and pushes the energy out. It begins with a Reiki Grid in the middle of the room. This grid has both clear quartz points and lemurian seed crystal points sending the energy of the prominent stone of the night (often an extra large Amethyst point) out to you.

On the floor are the 7 or 8 mats (space is very limited) laid out to extend the grid further. Each mat has Lemurian seed points placed to intensify the the chakra stones that will be placed on your body to open, balance and expand your chakras. Each person’s stones are not the same because not everyone uses the same stone for the same chakras. Spirit chooses the stones before you arrive. It is all divinely pieced together. Then the music. The music that she’s chosen resonates with the individual chakras, one at a time.

As the music plays she moves around to each of you. Each person receives an individual healing. Spirit works through Andrea to make sure that you get exactly what is meant for you.

*Friday September 23rd
*7 pm – 9 pm
*$45 per person

Random Acts of Healing (aka Reiki Share)


We invite you to come to this evening of healing. We welcome all modalities of healing and encourage you to share what it is that you do with the group. 

We come together to practice our craft and to support each other and to have fun while we’re doing it. Bring any tools that you use when you heal and an open mind to learn more. Most of all an open and expressive heart.

The evening will begin with a group blessing and melding of our energy. We’ll break into groups to work with one person at a time, in each group, on tables. We have plenty of tables in our Center for Holistic Healing & Art so bring a friend and share the experience.

Our next gathering:
*Saturday February 20th
*7 pm – 9 pm
*Donation $10

Private Reiki Share for Former Students

I invite all of my former Reiki students to come and share your gifts and to receive everyone else’s. 

All levels are welcome, whether you just began your Reiki journey or are actively teaching, I encourage you to come to support each other and to receive support from one another.

If you’ve been a Reiki student of Andrea Kukulka’s, I want to continue to support you on your journey.

Our next gathering:
*Friday July 20th
*7 pm – 9 pm
*Donation $10
*If you’d like to pay on line, you can do that HERE.

Healing Sessions

Here at the Center for Holistic Healing & Art we are dedicated to your healing. We would love to work with you and become the first place you think of when you think Holistic Healing. 

Andrea, Kristi and Amy are all certified Reiki Master Teachers. We also practice Light Connection. These two modalities along with all the other energies and experience we bring make for powerful healing abilities. We work from the heart and believe that all healing comes from love. We tap into your highest self and your guides to find the keys to help you to move forward and to continue to heal.


You can book an appointment with 1 or 2 practitioners at a time.

Contact Andrea Kukulka by phone: 508-261-5999 or <a href=””>Email</a>

Contact Kristi Johnston by phone: 508-208-5419 or <a href=””>Email</a>