Taking Care of Yourself

selfcare at Center for Holistic Healing and ArtSpoiler Alert!! Taking care of yourself doesn’t get easier as you get older. Sorry if that comes as a shock. The daily requirements of getting enough (including appropriate amounts and kinds) food, water, exercise and sleep continue to remain a challenge for me and many of my friends. I somehow anticipated that it was only an issue for the “newly adulting” set, back when I could count myself in that group, but no- it remains a challenge at the best of times for myself as well as for friends in their third decade as well as those in their seventh decade. I have to assume that it continues until, as in childhood, someone else becomes responsible for taking care of us. Add in illness, an increased stress due to major life changes, or both and it becomes a recipe for disaster in the realm of self-care. This is when friends and loved ones are essential. They can offer gentle yet insistent reminders and encouragement to not only meet those basic needs, but to also juggle the myriad questions of what medicines to take and how much, how to modify food and liquid intake, exercise, even when to call out of work!

This is the time of year when so many are getting some kind of transient illness. I encourage you to do two things: 1. Reach out to your friends and family if you are sick and get the support you need so you may get better faster. Don’t try to be superhuman and handle it all on your own. 2. Don’t listen to your friends and family when they are sick and insist that they are “fine”. Give them a little TLC even if it’s just daily phone calls to remind them to take care of themselves.

My message here is this- taking care of yourself is challenging. Don’t give yourself a hard time for having to work at it and think about it on a regular basis. No one really does it automatically, it just looks like that from the outside. It’s worth it to keep aiming for the ideal balance, but it’s not a goal you can attain and then never worry about again. The need for self-care is inescapable, so embrace it and honor the fact that your body’s need change from day to day. Be kind to yourself on this journey, and don’t be afraid to reach out for support. That’s our specialty at Center for Holistic Healing and Art, supporting you on your journey so you can shine!

Releasing What No Longer Serves

I love fall in New England! I love the colors, the crisp air, the intense blue skies, and the crunch of leaves on the ground. Ever since I began meditating and working on self-discovery, I have been hearing about the need to release things that no longer serve me. With its falling leaves, autumn now serves as a reminder for me to let go. The trees set a perfect example as they drop their leaves and in fact need to release them in order to enter dormancy to safely survive the winter. The fact that this happens annually also reminds me that letting things go is essential to moving forward and that it is not the “one and done” kind of exercise. It is ongoing and recurring as different aspects of issues that no longer have use in my present life pop up. I used to think once I had identified things I wanted to release and then focused on letting them go, I wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore and they would no longer effect my life.

Oh boy, how wrong I was! Take my eating habits (please!) Many years ago I figured out that some of my poor eating patterns are from my childhood. I had an “ah ha” moment and then set out to leave those behaviors behind. Now just recently I’ve realized that I’ve been letting my 5 year old self make food choices for adult me. Not such a great plan! Now I’m working on taking over adult control since 5 year old me likes carbs far too much!  Each time I understand a new facet of how my past is influencing my present, I deal with it. Old stuff seems to have buried into my psyche in many spots and each one seems to surface under different circumstances. I admit, I get frustrated when something I thought I had gotten rid of entirely turns out to still be influencing how I function. Still, it’s always been worth it to wrestle with it again and release this new aspect of it into the earth. Just like it does with leaves, the earth takes old, unwanted energy and transforms it into something beautiful- like flowers! This season be like the trees and let that old, unwanted stuff go (again, if necessary!)

Empath Empowerment Interactive Webinar

*** This event is now digital as an interactive Webinar. Participate in the comfort of your own home.

Handling your own emotions can be tough, managing the emotions you feel from those around you can be even trickier.

Learn how to best love the gift of enhanced sensitivity to the emotions and moods of others without letting it rule your life?

We will begin with a group meditation followed by the sharing of tips and experiences for maximizing life balance and harmony while expanding spiritual and personal growth as an empath. Please bring questions and concerns.

There will be a moderator to convey your typed questions to us if you’d prefer not to voice them yourself.
You will be able to turn off your video and /or audio and still see and hear us if you so desire.
It will be best experienced in a quiet, lit space.

It’s not always easy to be fabulous. We’d like to help you keep sparkling!

  • Friday, October 27th, 2017

  • 7 – 8:30 pm

  • From your own couch!

Brought to you by the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA


Do You Care for Yourself?


We talk about self-care often. We remind our friends and our loved ones to actively care for themselves all the time. But we still don’t do it for ourselves. Why? We’ve got a million reasons why not, don’t we?

This has gotten me into trouble today. You see, I’ve had issues with my back since I was 20 years old. That’s a long time since I’m 54 today. I should have a regular routine by now to help me to support myself. I should have some really good habits in place. Alas, I don’t. I don’t give myself permission to care for myself. Conveniently, I forget to do my regular exercises that would keep my back strong and fit. These are simple and only take a few minutes a few times a day to do, but I still don’t do them regularly.

That’s my issue, what’s yours?! What are your excuses? How simple would it really be to do what you need to for yourself?

Self-care means different things to different people. None of them are simple if you’re the one that needs them. For me, drinking enough and more than enough water each day is simple. For so many, that’s the hardest thing they do all day. Too many of my clients aren’t enjoying themselves enough. Is this you too? For instance when they come to me for energy work or a reading and are on or at my table, their Spirit Guides will make sure that I tell them that they need to laugh more, or be with their friends more often, or get out of the house!

Are you  celebrating life? Your life is worthy of a grand celebration!! Don’t sell yourself short here. I know, it may sound selfish but it really isn’t! Get out there and have more fun.

Me? I need to make a commitment to myself. I know this because as I get older, my body likes to remind me of the commitment that I haven’t made more often. Please, if nothing else, listen to your body. Your body will always show signs of what is going on internally, mentally, and spiritually.

Loving Yourself

Again, it’s easy to say these “I will” statements but until we really learn to love ourselves, all the parts, our self-care suffers. Self-love and self-care really do go hand in hand. One feeds the other.

Now, get a massage, go for a hike, enjoy the beach, meditate, hang out with your friends, eat a marvelous meal, garden, and celebrate your life! You’re Worth It!

I Wish You Light



Completion. Metaphysical Playground Session 2: The Stairs. Class 5

Metaphysical Playground
Session 2: The Stairs

Taught by
Amy Antonellis, Kristi Johnston & Andrea Kukulka

The previous 4 weeks of this session on The Stairs portion of The Map have allowed you to be aware of and decide on the persona you share with the world, acknowledge and support your inner child, accept and integrate the many facets of yourself, and forgive everything in your past.

These classes have resulted in major shifts in how you see yourself and your role in the world. Now it’s time to wrap up the work and allow it all to settle in so you have a renewed sense of self and feel fully empowered to take on your next stage in life.

Even if you have been doing your inner work on your own, this class is a great opportunity to see all of your efforts come together to reveal a whole new you!

*Thursday June 15th
*Center for Holistic Healing & Art, Mansfield MA
*7-9 pm

Focus: This class will bring you back into your total BEing. This is where all of the pieces come together to make you complete and whole. 

*Meditation to integrate the many shifts in your self-awareness
* Energetic Alignment to your new vibration  provided by Amy, Andrea and Kristi
*Journaling about your meditation and new understanding
*Discussion to share and process your experience with appropriate support


**by RSVPing you’re giving permission to allow photographs and video to be taken**

Drawing with Spirit: Metaphysical Playground Session 1, Class 3

Join Kristi Johnston for a hands-on workshop on how to tune into Spirit and then become a conduit to bring colors, designs and images into reality and onto paper. You will have the opportunity to use several different kinds of tools to do this and no artistic ability is required.  There will be multiple meditations to facilitate this as well as a chance to watch Kristi draw a passed loved-one upside down and be involved in the process to get a feel for how it works for her.

Increase your connection to self and to spirit and expand what you think you know in the process!

Center for Holistic Healing and Art, 263 N. Main St. Mansfield MA

Feb. 16, 2017 7-9 pm


Metaphysical Playground Year-Long Series

A Deeper Journey into Mediumship

by Amy Antonellis, Andrea Kukulka, and Kristi Johnston

of The Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA

This year we embark on a deeper journey into mediumship.  There will be multiple 5-class sessions throughout the year to give us time to reach for a greater understanding of a variety of metaphysical topics. The classes will be kept small and those who have taken previous sessions will get first choice for openings on future ones. We are continuously receiving new information and greater clarity from our time spent channeling Great Spirit and this is our opportunity to share that learning with you.

Typically classes will meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA. Most classes will be led by one of us, others will be led by all three. We remain constantly tuned in to what Spirit most wants you to know and endeavor to bring that to you in each class.

In addition to sharing new information with you, we will also give you time to process and practice it so that you may begin to put it into action in your life immediately, whether it’s for yourself, your family or your business.  There is no question that being in closer connection to Source, no matter what you call it, can bring you more joy and happiness.  Join us on this journey into a deeper understanding of how you may find a closer connection to your purpose every day.

We encourage everyone to join us in our comfortable and judgement-free zone. 

Session 1: First 5 Part Series

Class 1: Jan. 19, 7-9 pm
Class 2:  Feb. 2, 7-9 pm
Class 3: Feb.16, 7-9 pm 
Class 4: Mar. 2, 7-9 pm 
Class 5: Mar. 30, 7-9 pm
Join us for individual classes or sign up for all 5 at a $25 savings. Future 5 class sessions will build on these early topics. Click on each title above for more info and to register for one class for $35
Register below for all 5 classes for only $150- save $25

Overwhelm and Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious has been a recurring concern that we have noticed here at Center for Holistic Healing and Art, Mansfield MA over this past month. The holidays that happen at the end of the calendar year often mean time with- or without- family and friends which can result in anxiousness. The cause of the stress may be different, but the internal reaction can be quite similar: feeling the need to retreat, isolate or create barriers to more outside influence. This is a common problem no matter what age you are, for empaths and non-empaths alike.

For some people, at some times, this works fine- other times it doesn’t work as well. For those of you wishing for a different approach, we’d like to offer this alternative to closing yourself off and pulling away from the world and the physical body you inhabit.

Try this meditation: Focus your attention on one body part at a time and really feel the surfaces that are touching you- clothing, seat, floor. Notice the temperature of the air on your exposed skin, sense the darkness or light with your eyes closed. Now expand your awareness to your energy that is outside the confines of your body- your aura. Feel how large it is and what it passes through or comes to rest against. Now enjoy feeling yourself taking up all of this space, both physically and energetically. Stamp your feet and revel in your own solidity. Take a few deep, slow breaths with your hands on your hips and your feet spread wide as you become accustomed to this expanded way of being.

You are not hiding or retreating, you are taking up ALL of your real estate and you are entitled to it. From this place of confidence and self-awareness you can let love and compassion for others flow effortlessly out of you and towards everyone around you, without judgement or restriction. Practicing self-love and self-care in this way makes you more capable of helping others. It also makes you less likely to feel overwhelmed and more in control of your own emotions. This is not intended to dismiss or minimize the issues of anyone dealing with panic attacks, depression or severe anxiety disorder. It is instead aimed at those who are looking for a new tool to deal with situational anxiety. It is also a terrific way of realizing your power to effect change in the world by sending out love. This is an active endeavor that can decrease your sense of helplessness with all that is going on around the globe.

Here is a fantastic talk on standing in your power by Amy Cuddy

In love and Light,

Kristi, Amy and Andrea

Spirit retreat 2016 Puerto Vallarta sunset from the boardwalk of the city

Spiritual Retreat 2017

Join us for a trip to the
Mayan Temple at Chichen Itza 

Dedicated to the Serpent God Kukulcan



March 18- 25, 2017 the Center for Holistic Healing and Art will be traveling to Puerto Morelos, Mexico just south of Cancun for a week-long immersion in self-discovery and expansion and a trip to the pyramids! Amy, Andrea and Kristi will act as guides and mentors for an intimate group for this week away from the ordinary. We will be staying at  Secrets Silversands Riviera, an adults only, all-inclusive, 5 star resort on the lovely Mexican Riviera where March temperatures are a delightful 86 degrees on average. The week will include daily meditation plus a variety of metaphysical and creative activities designed to support and encourage you to dive deep within yourself to let your goddess shine. After inner exploration there will be ample time for further self-care by re-charging in the ocean and pools. We will be treated to many types of cuisine and entertainment provided by the resort.

The week will include but is not limited to:

  • Exploration of the Akashic Records

  • Light Connection healing

  • Conversations with Great Spirit

  • Self-Realization workshops using The Map

  • Mediumship

  • Spirit drawing

  • Intuitive Energy Cards

  • Meditative doodling

  • Crystal grid healing

  • Chakra balancing

This week will be about experiencing these types of things as well as exploring how you are able to connect to more than your 5 senses. Intense opening to self can be challenging, but when done with this group support and balanced with pampering and fun, it creates the path to magnificent growth!

As part of our retreat we will be picked up at the resort by a private van with a personal guide to enjoy a full day excursion to the  Mayan Kukulkan Pyramid, local taqueria, shopping and a swim in a cenote (cave with a natural pool). A second, partial day excursion will include a boat trip that will allow us to see and swim with sea turtles and we may also find dolphins!

Your fee will include:

  • 7 nights and 8 days of lodging

  • 24-hr delicious food and top-shelf beverages including room service

  • Access to beach and pools as well as hot tub and fitness center

  • Two cultural excursions

  • All the metaphysical activities and workshops

It may also include round trip airport transportation (still working on that with facility). Prepayment 30 days in advance will allow a $50 discount off total and coupons for spa services. It does not include beverages while on the excursions, tipping of tour guides. You will want to consider money for shopping opportunities and any spa treatments you would like to treat yourself to as well.

Rates are based on double occupancy in hotel suites, two double beds per room, shower, jacuzzi, balcony. It does not include airfare to/from Cancun International Airport. Total investment for this luxurious week of connecting with your inner goddess is $2200. This is what self-love is all about!

If you feel you are meant to join us on this exclusive retreat, contact Kristi at to inquire about availability of space.

Learn more about Chichen Itza and the pyramid here.
See photos from 2016 Spiritual Retreat here.

Please select the ticket you wish to purchase at this time- note a deposit of $500 is due no later than Jan. 15 to hold your place, then return to purchase second “ticket” for the balance. This would still be only for you personally, it is not purchaing a second spot on the trip. Dates are for when the money will be debited from your account, actual trip dates are March 18-25. You may also choose to pay the entire balance at once. Please purchase plane tickets into Cancun and be sure to let us know your planned trip details here.

Empath Empowerment

Wondering how to best love the gift of enhanced sensitivity to the emotions and moods of others without letting it rule your life?  Self-care is of utmost importance for empaths and this group can be an important part of that.

 We will begin with a group meditation followed by the sharing of tips and experiences for maximizing life balance and harmony while expanding spiritual and personal growth as an empath. Feel free to bring questions and concerns.

It’s not always easy to be Fabulous. We’d like to help you to maintain it.

*Saturday March 4th
*7 – 9 pm
*Center for Holistic Healing and Art
*$25 call 508-208-5419 or HERE to pay on line.


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