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You know what an affirmation is. Even if you think you don’t, you know instinctively that it is something that will bolster your confidence, solidify your resolve and encourage you to take the next step no matter how daunting. It is a word or short phrase that you say to yourself to do just that: help you move forward.  We know this from a very young age. Here’s a perfect example: once our 7 year old neighbor was dropped off by the school bus and no one was home to meet him as planned. He came to our door and from inside we could hear him repeating to himself “Be brave, just be brave” until finally he knocked on our door and asked to wait with us and to call his family.  Now I’m fairly certain no one coached him to execute that plan, he just knew that he needed adult support in this situation and to get that he needed to overcome his shyness and knock on our door. Giving himself a dose of a confidence-boosting affirmation was just the ticket. He was only out there a few minutes before he knocked.

Affirmations are a way to use our conscious mind to alter the deep-seated beliefs and behaviors that are initiated in our subconscious. This can be a part of your daily self-care and a gentle way to show yourself love. The ones that work the best are those that target the real issue that is slowing us down on our journey. I believe it is more effective to focus on just a few (one to three max) than to recite a whole laundry list of things you think you need to change about yourself. I don’t have any scientific proof that this is true, it just seems logical to me that you will see greater results focusing your attention on a couple of things than by dividing your attention between many. It is critical to choose affirmations that are stated in the present and in the positive voice i.e. “I am smart” not “ I am not stupid” or “I will be smart”.

Do something with me, try these phrases on for size by saying them out loud: I am enough; I am strong; I am worthy; I am accomplished; I am beautiful; I am lovable; I am powerful; I trust my instincts; I embrace change; I welcome challenges; I am capable; I love myself; I am successful. Do any stick in your throat or feel untrue to you? The one or ones that are the most difficult for you to say with truth and conviction may be where you want to begin your daily affirmation ritual.  Say it out loud, to yourself at least a few times per day. This a perfect case of “fake it ‘till you make it”. It is just like Julie Andrews taught us as Anna in “The King and I” to “whistle a happy tune” when you are afraid until you are “no longer afraid”.  Affirmations aren’t going to change how you feel immediately but rather over time- you say it and think it with your conscious being until your subconscious lines up with that. Thinking it over and over raises your vibration and you begin making decisions and taking actions as if it were true until your words, actions and feelings about that affirmation all line up!

Here at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art in Mansfield MA, we love success stories! Please share how you used an affirmation and saw positive results.

With Love and Light,


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Releasing the Pressure

Releasing The Pressure


This week’s Information In Meditation was a big one. The energy began Monday night and didn’t let up until the message of releasing came though on Tuesday night in our circle.

Our guides for the evening were all members of the collective known to us as Great Spirit. Their words to us and the feeling they brought through on Tuesday night were both comforting and powerful. They were talking to us about our continued ascension and how best to deal with some of the effects that we are feeling since September’s shift.

So many of us are still adjusting to this shift, they wanted to tell us how important it is that we learn to assimilate and adjust to our new way of being.  As we learn about our own adjustments we can better help others with their own adjustments.  More importantly, this will ultimately lead to more people being able to help those who will go through the next wave of the shift.

My take-away from the channeled information was this…
There are many people who are experiencing a build up of energy. It may take the form of momentary dizziness or it may be an “off” feeling that lasts a whole day.  One of the effects Great Spirit addressed in particular was the build up of energy that pressurizes in our heads. It’s different from the “average” headache. Are you experiencing it too? It feels to me, and many that I’ve talked to, like a volcano that wants to erupt but is incapable of release.

Although my head has felt very heavy with this pressure, you may have been feeling it elsewhere in your body. All this energy is NOT negative energy! Although it may feel that way because of the discomfort, it is actually a positive energy. What they told us and had us feel was a way to release it. It’s so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to say that I never thought of it myself. It now makes so much sense.

Close your eyes and focus all your thoughts and energy on the pressure. Take a good, deep breath. Now place your hands so that your palms are facing down to the earth. As you exhale, release all this beautiful, positive and loving energy down into Mother Gaia. Charge our planet earth with it all! Continue to do this for a minute. Release, release, release all that pressure that has taken up such a small space in your human body down to mother earth to accept it and use it lovingly. Just imagine all that beautiful energy being given to the planet by so many people of the light. So much growth and healing being given to our planet!

Now, here’s the bonus to all of this: on the flip side are the times when we are feeling completely drained. The message being stressed to everyone RIGHT NOW is not to pull down energy from the upper realms, but to pull it up from the earth instead. Like you just did to release, take a deep breath and place your palms facing down to the earth, but this time as you exhale, pull. What you will feel as you’re being charged are these enormous and yet soft and gentle waves of LOVE coming up your legs and slowly filling your body. Go ahead, try this now. (They’re telling me to tell you to try this now as you’re reading. Please do this with Them.) Feel the waves? Yes, it’s almost like butterfly wings in your legs, moving up into your body. It’s a most beautiful way to recharge, isn’t it?!

Our human bodies can only hold so much energy. We’re all getting through this shift as best as we can right now. I’m beyond grateful that they continue to give us tools to help us through these shifts and ascension. Stay with me on this journey and to the best of my ability, I will continue to share with you what they have shared with me and our Tuesday night groups.

With great appreciation for all that guide me,
I Wish You Light

How the Lawyer Met the Medium, an Unlikely Love Story

How the Lawyer Met the Medium, an Unlikely Love Story


I will never forget the moment I met Andrea Kukulka.  We actually met at the Women’s Business Network.  One Tuesday morning back in early 2012, I was standing at the resource table at WBN when Andrea came up to me.  The second I looked up and saw Andrea I had the most intense feeling of Déjà vu.  The room around her started to move and I felt like I was going to faint.  She put her hand out, introduced herself, and told me that she was a medium.

“A medium?!” I thought to myself, I really was going to faint.  I managed to squeak out my name, told her I was an attorney, and then bolted to the other side of the room so I didn’t have to say anything else.  It had been a year since my father passed away and I was in NO position to talk about his death in an open forum.  What if she was speaking with my dad right now?! What if she could tell he died?! What if she says something?! Oh, no! I don’t want to break down in tears right here! All of these thoughts rushed through my head.  I loved and missed my dad so much, I did not want to open the door to heartache in front of a bunch of newly found business acquaintances.  I avoided Andrea like the plague and cowered in fear.  We didn’t talk again until 2014.

The only thing abundantly clear about my life back in 2012 was that it was not working.  Within one year I had lost my dad, graduated law school, moved, passed the bar, got married, re-located my mom, and welcomed my nephew to the world.   I was drowning in grief, riddled with anxiety, and I could not get out of my own way.

As an a-type overachiever and I had no idea what to do next.  I figured if I just immersed myself in building my business life would magically get better and the pain would go away.  Except, it didn’t.  The only thing that continued to grow was the numbers on the scale and the hours I had gone without sleeping.  Some days I literally felt as though I was having a heart attack.  I was debilitated with heartache and I believed that I simply had to “keep going”.

I was miserable and something had to give.  That Fall, through my business coach, my life changed forever.  I was introduced to the concept of mindset.  Thoughts create things? Positivity sets the outcome? Yeah…..okay, if you say so! The only reaction I had to that was snark.  I heard of, I actually even read The Secret (it was Oprah recommended!), but I never really understood and I wasn’t willing to buy-in.  I blew it off as jargon, rested my hat on my belief that it was my intelligence that had taken me that far, and went on my way.  The only problem was that I was stuck big time.  I was in the thick of it and nothing was getting better.  So I figured, what the heck! I had nothing to lose.

I decided to jump on the mindset train.  If it worked for all of those other entrepreneurs it could certainly work for me.  What started off as a business building tactic turned into something greater than I ever could have imagined.  I became a mind-set/law of attraction junky.  I entered the world of self-discovery and introspection in an unprecedented manner.  I started pouring over books by people like Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Michael Neil, and I immersed myself in one of Fabienne Fredrickson’s Mindset Retreats.

The spark was ignited, there was no turning back.  I devoured anything I could get my hands on.  I was a sponge.  And then, funny enough….I started feeling better! Not only that, I even met my business partner within the next few weeks (more on that at a later time)!  Day-by-day, life was improving.  Things were starting to click.  Life was shifting and I started expanding.  I began meditating, going to reiki and acupuncture, and I learned the hard way the importance of self-care.  I was on a never-ending quest for internal peace.

Then, one day, on a whim in a coffee shop in February 2013, I was introduced to Table Tipping.  Excuse me, table what??? Yes, table tipping.  My friend described to me this experience whereby they sat around a table and received messages from departed relatives by the table tapping out a message.  I thought my head was going to explode.  “What?! What do you mean you received a message from a dead relative through a table?!?!” I had zero comprehension of this.  I was told that the table would tip once for “yes” and twice for “no” and would spell out messages by tapping out the letters of the alphabet.

I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea what to say.  At that point in my life I had never been to a medium, I never really sought out those types of experiences, and I was skeptical to say the least.  The only thing I had done even remotely close was go to a palm reader once with a friend.  However, an invitation was extended and I took the bait. Hook, line and sinker, if this was for real and what I was told was true, I wanted in!  I thought to myself that there was NO WAY that it could be real and I had to find out for myself.

The following week, in a small intimate group of absolute strangers, I had my first Table Tipping experience.  I was blown away.  As expected, and why I avoided Andrea upon first meeting her, I started crying immediately.  An ugly cry.  Snot and tears everywhere, there was no holding back.  I was in pain, and the second I felt my dad’s presence I experienced a release like none other.  I received messages from Dad and others for over 3 hours.  I couldn’t believe what had just occurred.  I was hooked.  I wanted to be connected to my father at all moments.  I wanted to open the channel.  I needed to know more and do more and feel more.  I wanted to feel his presence with me at all times and that is exactly what table delivered.  I was in awe.

Table for me became an incredible tool for healing.  Through this new found communication I was able to close the wounds and find comfort.  I found love and support from my dad in a new way.  Our relationship had changed, but it was still there and it remained palpable.  And so, like any good overachiever, I was determined to figure out how I could table tip on my own.  A new path for expansion had opened, I acquired my table (another divine unimaginable experience), and the journey continued.

Fast forward to March of 2014 and I was yearning for even more.  Other than the small group of individuals that had introduced me to table tipping, I had promised myself that I was not going to utter a single word about any of this to anybody, EVER.  However, I wanted to test this out with new people.  I was on a quest for further validation.  Yes, I was even skeptical of myself at that point.  I knew Andrea was in WBN and I needed a way to practice and continue to expand.  I also knew she would be able to validate what was I was receiving.  I held my breath, and sent an e-mail.


After a few bumps in the road (another funny story for a later date), we made a plan to meet.  The second she felt the table move we were instantly connected.  One
meeting later, I met Kristi.  The rest is history.  A dead dad, a business meeting, a table, a medium, a few details in between, and here I am, perfect, whole, and complete, with my trilogy.

Trilogy 1

What comes next? I’m not sure.  What I do know is that I was put here on this earth to specifically help people through their own times of transition, whatever that looks like for them.  Whether that be through the law, healing, messaging, or whatever else they need.  I have been put in a unique position to offer assistance and I am able to offer such with the perfect amounts of both strength and compassion.  I’m taking myself on, I’m reaching new heights, I’m allowing my own effortless expansion, and I’m inviting you all to follow along.

As I move into my first home, I am simultaneously becoming a Mansfield resident as my name goes up on Main Street as part of the Center for Holistic Healing and Art.  The three of us are so excited for our new journey together and I am so excited to share this part of me and to share these opportunities with all of you.  Believe me when I say, there is more to come!

So if you will, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  I know I sure will.  With Love,


image of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us

Archangel Michael’s Gift to Us


Tuesday night’s Information in Meditations are always jam-packed. Spirit will often give us a few different subjects all with a common theme. That theme may not be the same to each person in the room, everyone hears the same words but doesn’t necessarily receive the same message. It’s always so great to listen to everyone talk about their specific journey in their meditations.  Let me share with you what my take-away was this Tuesday.

I’ll begin with what/who the energy was that was coming through me that night. As it was last week, this week we also had the pleasure of being with Archangel Michael. Last week he had been powerful and insistent. This week he spoke as if he were a professor lecturing and sitting with us in circle. He spoke of how our human bodies work, how we re-create our own bodies and how we have total control of our bodies. He reminded us that even if our female bodies are very, very sick we can still create a healthy body inside of our sick vessel, and what a beautiful miracle that is. He directed our attention to how we are created: cell division! 

Archangel Micheal Guido_Reni_

In order to form a human being it all begins with a single cell. That cell, in it’s perfect form splits into two. These two cells split again and so on and so on. We are all familiar with this process, we know how we become. Here’s what we might not remember: this process continues after we have been born into this world. We are constantly rejuvenating our cells. Think about this for a moment. It’s constant personal evolution; at a rate of approximately one million per second old cells die and are replaced with brand new ones. One Million Per Second! I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. 

Here’s the lesson: we have the power, a million times per second, to create new healthy cells.  There is absolutely no reason why we should allow an unhealthy cell to re-create itself. We are in control of our bodies and no one else. We have the ability to release the cells that are broken or diseased or unhealthy. We have the ability to release the cells that simply no longer serve us.

Archangel Micheal gave us the gift of permission that night. This is how to use this gift: each night after you’ve crawled into bed and closed your eyes, call on him: “Archangel Michael, I release all the cells in my body that may be broken, used, diseased, depleted and/or are no longer of service to me. I replace each one with healthy, vibrant cells. I give great thanks to those cells leaving my body now for their service to me and for the lessons that they have taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

I’ve had two nights to be with the information that I received in the last channeling and and I’ve used it before falling asleep each night. As I start the prayer I feel the energy in my body. I feel it very lightly at my shoulders and then the energy builds as it gets to my feet. This is the release that I feel as it starts at my head and flushes away all that I no longer need.  When this energy is done moving through my body I fall fast to sleep. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wake up with energy  and am not dragging myself out of bed, quite a refreshing change for this night owl! 

Today I pass on this beautiful gift from Archangel Michael to you. Use it in good health. 

p.s. He also tells us that there is no reason for any human to live with dis-ease. Choose to release it.

I Wish You Light,

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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light


Last night’s meditation group was aaaaahhhhhmazing! It was one of those nights where 8 were scheduled to make it but 4 were actually present. Whenever this happens I know we’re in for a good one. You see, Spirit has a way of getting the ones that are ready for what they have to say to be there. I, of course, never know who they’re picking or what they’re up to. None of us really know for sure. Yes, often we feel how big the energy is or even how important the night’s meditation is going to be but we’re always left in awe by the end of the night.

Last night was all about shining your own inner light. Now, these are words that we all hear all the time. We read the memes with these similar words all the time too. I’ll try to take it deeper for you, hopefully you can feel some of what we felt last night.

Part One: Meditation always starts with a physical  7 -10 minute meditation that is always the same. It’s designed to open the chakras and to expand our energy. Well, last night’s (as I call it) Balancing Act was the most energy I’ve ever felt during this meditation. We begin with raising the crown chakra up as high as we can. We actually had all the crowns working together, in one big ball of energy, it was awesome. The aim is to bring it up into the white light, up to Source energy itself. Some can do this, most can’t. Last night was the first time the whole room got up that high. Together! At the end of this meditation we could all feel that our energy had expanded and was taking up more space than ever before. I’m not just talking about filling the room, NO, our energy took up the whole building. Again, we knew something big was about to come to us.

Part Two: Imagine yourself sitting in circle, the lights are dim, the music is sweet and your energy is huge. I’ve opened myself up to channel the information and They begin to speak to us. They begin, as they usually do, by welcoming us. They’re always so delighted that we’re with Them listening to what They want to share with us. They tell us of our process in this most recent shift, and how we’ve come to the other side of it. They’re happy for us and our growth. Then They begin to talk to us about our own individual lights. They speak of how important it is for us to shine. They help us to actually feel our light. How? They spoke to each person individually! They completely described the light for each individual! They began with the color and spoke so clearly that we could each see it swirling in our mind’s eye. Some were told where the color comes from. Then they told us how each color felt.  For instance, one woman’s light was pink, They made us all feel it like cotton candy. It was WILD. Thinking back on it now, each one was very different, each with it’s own element. These were gifts given to us last night.

Spirit is shining down on us showering us with gifts each day. It’s up to us to receive them and sprinkle them all around us. It’s our choice to do nothing (I hope this is not the choice you will make) or to get out there into the world and… Shine Your Light!

I wish you Light,




Fear lives deep inside of us. Deep in a dark space, tucked away, heavy and without light. It stops us cold and can instantly bring on the sweats. It makes us do or not do so many different things, things that do not serve us.
Releasing Fear
Releasing Fear

I’ll try to put into a nutshell what came through in last night’s group meditation via channeled information

Fear is a GIFT. Fear is an important part of what makes us human. We’ve been given this gift of being human. As humans we’re given many gifts such as loss, pain and sorrow. YES these are gifts. These are very important gifts that allow us to learn so much. Is it not true that with each loss in our lives we have learned so much? 

Many of us suffer so much in order to learn. Whether we are learning a life lesson or to write in cursive, it’s a different level of processing that we each use. Now, how does this come back to fear? Fear will stop us dead in our tracks and may prevent the learning to take place. If we’re afraid that we’ll do it wrong, so often we stop and leave the task incomplete. We let fear stop us. As a child I always feared that I would not do well when taking tests in school. Consequently, there were many tests that I did not complete because I gave up, I was so afraid that I froze. Of course, as an adult I know better but what I did then became a part of who I am now. Fear can leave us powerless.

So, I’m taking back my power. You ask, how? I’m going to expose my fear. By exposing the fear, I allow in the light. Ahhhh here we go again, it’s all about the Light. “Light is Love, Love is Healing, Healing comes from the Light.” This is what spirit told us last night. I say it all the time: there is no healing without love. To expose your fears is to allow the light in, and to allow the light in is to begin the healing process. The more exposed you allow your fears to be the more Light that can flow into them, and the more healing that will take place.

Do not allow your fears to hide any longer. Expose them as the learning processes that they are. Then … allow the healing to take place.

Post Script: All of this came just 7 hours after I had written a class on releasing your fears: Metaphysical Playground ~ Releasing Fear. I guess Spirit really want us all to learn this lesson. 

I wish you Light,

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Too Late to go Back To Sleep

“Too late to go back to sleep…”


I love theater and this is a quote from “Defying Gravity”, a song from the musical Wicked. I admit, somewhat sheepishly, that until now I didn’t really know what it meant in the context of the song. Recently the full intent of it hit me like a ton of brick. I had just received a message from spirit that basically pushed me out of the proverbial (cozy and warm) nest and the realization that once awakened to the full enormity of All that is, it is impossible “to go back to sleep”. How I processed that went something like : “wow, that was a lot of intense information, all I really want to do is crawl in a corner and forget about it for a while, maybe it won’t seem so challenging after a bit of time away from it.” Pause for thinking and a little hyperventilating, then “oh, that was the message. There is no more time, the time is now and I have to act. Shoot! Can’t I just have a little more time pretending I don’t know it? No? Oh blast.” Then the song came into my head and a light bulb went on.  That’s what the song meant! Once youknow, you can’t pretend that you don’t know. You can’t “go back to sleep.” You have to move forward and put fear, doubt and second-guessing aside.


Are you in that place where youknow but you are still letting apprehension or self-doubt prevent you from taking the next step? Are you pretending that you don’t know and staying in your cozy corner? We understand! That’s what we are here for at the Center for Holistic Healing and Art, to support you in that scary unknown where you step out of your comfort zone and into the Light of endless possibility!! We have many opportunities for you to explore the amazing world beyond our 5 senses. If you need information on something we’re not offering- let us know right here on the blog. We love input!

Feeling like you might be ready to immerse yourself in this kind of learning? We have a week-long retreat in paradise March of 2016 to do just that. There is still time to register and get a $100 discount here: http://bit.ly/1MEHpyL   Find out more info here.

Wishing you Love and Light,

Personal Power

Personal Power


It was pointed out to me recently by a wise and intuitive healer that I was storing childhood patterns of behavior, and that they continued to influence my present life. As a child of depression-era parents, I was taught never to waste ANY food. If it was on my plate (no matter who put it there) it was my responsibility, my duty to finish it regardless of how I felt. The healer pointed out to me that as a result I had learned to not only ignore my feelings of satiety, I had also learned to distrust my internal awareness of what was right for me and look to an outside source for that guidance. I should also mention that like many others in my generation, proper behavior was considered that which in no way made another person feel uncomfortable, left out or could possibly create hurt feelings- oh and adults were ALWAYS right and never to be questioned. For reasons still unclear to me, no one was ever concerned about how that proper behavior made me feel. I’m not saying that the feelings of others aren’t important, just that there are two sides to the issue. I believe you can see how that ties in to learning to distrust my internal signals of what would best serve me.

So here I am turning 50 and I realized with the help of this wonderful healer that my automatic setting, my default you could say, is to consider others before I consider myself. To be more worried about being wasteful than whether those extra few bites are really good for me. To first think about hurting someone’s feelings when deciding who to spend time with.  So my lesson is to reclaim my personal power, to switch my default setting and place the initial internal query on my feelings then to trust my inner guide. Then, with a clear sense of what is best for me, to move forward in honesty and grace with those around me and trust that they will respect my choices. Perhaps it will be encouragement for others to respectfully claim their personal power as well.

Thank you Ed Schaeffer for your valuable insight and the healing you brought about.

Wishing you all Light and Love,

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My Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation


I sit in my chair outside. It’s straight backed, black, wood. The seat is warm. I take in the sounds of the children playing in the neighborhood, the birds singing in the trees, the wind rustling the leaves, and teh crickets so happy. The sun warms my face and I feel the breeze on my cheek. I slip my shoes off and spread my toes. I can feel the air between them, and the grass too. I’m aware of my feet sitting firmly on the ground.

Then it happens, I feel the earth energy come into the skin on the souls of my feet. I feel it move into those toes and the balls of my feet, up into my ankles and now I feel my feet becoming part of the earth. My roots are growing.
I invite the energy up and it responds. It’s moving into my calves and knees. Now it reaches the large muscles of my thighs and I am energized by Mother Earth. At this point I feel the energy in every cell, every drop of blood, in the marrow of my bones! Up it comes to my hips and ribs. As it reaches my heart, I inhale. Not purposely, it just happens that I take a very deep breath. It completely fills my lungs and in doing so allows my heart to take up even more Earth Energy! My heart grows as it fills with Gaia herself. Up into my shoulders now, completely relaxing and taking away every last bit of harbored stress. I feel it woosh down my arms.
Then into my head. It’s then that my breath becomes stronger, my sinuses clear and my headache begins to dissipate. I can feel the energy move into scalp and into each follicle of hair. Now I have this feeling of my whole body taking on the magnitude of the mountains and the majesty of the Sequoya trees. I feel that I am the beauty and power of a waterfall.

At this point I feel that heaven is coming down to meet me too. I am now empowered equally by heaven and earth. I am strong, I am mighty, I am invincible!

I Wish You Light,

image of flame

Energy “Protection” for Empaths

Energetic “Protection” for the Empath


Many people talk about the need for protection against “negative” energies, especially for the Empath. This has never resonated well with me and I could not figure out why. After giving it considerable thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is because the word ‘protection’ seems to come from a place of fear, as does the word ‘negative’. I do not walk through my life in fear- which doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced it, just that it is a fairly uncommon feeling for me. While I agree that emotions range from pleasant to unpleasant and vibrationally high to low, I think they are all valuable and to name them negative or positive may be misleading. As a result, I have not been very successful at attempts to cloak myself in a ‘protective’ bubble- since that would mean to me that first I would have to remember to be fearful, or that I have reason to consider fear, and second that I was unwilling to experience any of the lower vibratory feelings. Regardless of where you stand on those descriptions, there continues to be a need for ways to deal with energies that don’t belong to you- especially if you are an Empath.

I have experienced many times when the overflow of strong emotions from others have left me feeling overwhelmed. I also have had moments when I felt intense anxiety, apprehension, irritation or sadness that I could identify as clearly not belonging to me. Although I would agree that these are emotions on the lower half of the vibration spectrum, as I said I consider them normal and part of being human. They may not feel comfortable, but to me they are not negative. Feeling is what we are here for, isn’t it? Managing those feelings and learning the lessons they bring are part of the deal. I don’t think we can expect to relish the love, joy, exhilaration, excitement, etc. to the same extent if we deny hurt, sadness or loneliness entirely.

flame photoWhen I am feeling emotions that don’t belong to me and don’t feel good (after all, I’m not about to reject an excess of joy, love or excitement!) I take a moment. I take a deep breath and with my exhale I send out love and Light to the source of the emotions (even if I can’t identify the source) and release them to be transformed by Source energy. Then I take another breath and imagine that I am a glowing ball of Light and Love and I send it out in all directions. In this way, it seems to me that the intensity of the energy flowing outward from me prevents anything that doesn’t belong to me from affecting me. I am, in a sense, protected and if that word seems right to you, feel free to use it. To me it just feels like I’m walking around in my own little world feeling only what has meaning and purpose to me. I can still sense when someone needs my attention and healing, and I can offer it, but their need doesn’t attach to me. I can also revel in the beauty and joy of being alive here and now. This helps keep me in balance energetically. Try it. I hope it helps you as well!

In November I will begin a monthly support group for empathic folks that will include opportunities to explore what that means and how to remain balanced while embracing the gift of heightened emotional sensitivity.

Wishing you Light and Love,