Metaphysical Playground ~
A Deeper Path to Mediumship

Presented by
Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium


Metaphysical Playground is an ongoing series of classes and workshops designed to raised your vibration. Andrea is bringing to you, step by step, a deeper way to help you to open up to Spirit. She began her own journey in the late ’80’s and has created these classes to bring you the highlights of what she has learned in those many years.

Many of these classes and workshops stand alone.  Some, you will see, require two days or even that you sign up for one or more classes in order to be prepared for the next one.

You must RSVP to each of these classes and there is a limit of seats for each class. So please RSVP by paying in advance early to insure your seat.

A sampling of some of the classes:
Clearing Your Energy & Creating Your Vortex
Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael
Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid & Healing
Past Lives