3 Mediums Kristi, Amy and Andrea



Energy Work / Reiki
1 Practitioner: half hour: $55  ~ 1 hour: $80
2 Practioners: half hour: $75  ~ 1 hour: $120

Light Connection
2 Practioners $180

Past Life Regression
1 hour: $120


With Andrea:
Mediumship – Tarot – Life
half hour $75 ~1 hour $120

via phone (1 hour only)

With Amy:
Mediumship – Half hour $75, 1 hour $120  

With Kristi:
Intuitive Card Reading – half hour $75, 1 hour $120
Spirit Drawings -half hour $75, 1 hour $120
Akashic Record Reading- approx. 45 mins $80 

House Smudging/Clearing/Blessing:

$75 -$200

Spiritual, Empath or Abundance Support:

1 Practioner $80 – 2 Practioners $120

 3 Medium Event:

Experience  3 different types of mediumship with
Andrea, Kristi and Amy

$55 each *Groups only*
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We are emotion specialists! As empaths, we specialize in identifying what is at the heart of your emotional trouble and assisting you to move into emotional wellness. Stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and self-doubt are just some of the issues we regularly assist people with.

Emotional Healing Options:


With a combined 50+ years of healing experience between us we are well equipped to help you achieve a higher level of wellness of mind, body & spirit. You don’t need to know what kind of healing you require. In our sessions we are divinely guided to provide exactly what is in your highest and best for precisely where you are in your life’s journey. In most cases the only thing you have to do is be willing to release what ever it is that has been holding you back without actually having to go deeply into it.