3 Mediums Kristi, Amy and Andrea

Here at the Center we have many years of healing work experience. In those years we’ve picked up quite few modalities. Although our primary healing modality is Reiki, we do not limit ourselves to Reiki alone. When you book with us you get a combination of all that we’ve learned in those years. We will use all that we know to deliver the best possible results for your highest & best outcome.
We utilize the energy of crystal grids that have been created under the healing beds, and with your permission will use them in your treatment along with meditative music and aromatherapy. We also offer cranio-sacral and Magnified Healing along with all we have in our toolboxes.
**As mediums, it is highly likely that you will also receive messaging from the non-physical if you wish to receive it. There is never an upcharge for any this!

Energy Work / Reiki

1 Practitioner: 30 minutes: $65,  60 minutes: $95 
This is the perfect self-care treatment available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. Relax, decompress, and de-stress. Emerge feeling refreshed, grounded and energized. Reiki has been shown to speed healing, decrease pain, improve focus, and aid in insomnia.

2 Practitioners: 30 minutes: $100,  60 minutes: $150
Two practitioners magnify each other’s energy as well as your healing. More than double the effects, you’ll find even more clarity, calm, and ease. Perfect for busy people ready for rapid results.

Light Connection Immersion

2 Practitioners $220, approximately 45 min.
Light Connection is a healing modality transmitted by contact with your energy field and light touch on your head and feet. Two practitioners act as partners with Light Connection Energy to open and clear your energy body, creating space for expansion and personal evolution. This process assists you in releasing what no longer servers you to make way for what you need to accept in order to move towards the life you envision. You will leave feeling the confidence to accomplish all the things you’ve been dreaming about.

Click here for a video on Light Connection Immersion

Light Connection Healing NEW!

1 practitioner $150, approximately 45 min.
This form of Light Connection is performed with one practitioner and their energy partner in spirit to create and maintain the vortex of Source energy for magnification of your intentions.

This will essentially burn away your subconscious resistance to change and can be a great stepping stone to a full Light Connection Immersion. The focus on Light Connection Healing is replacing fear with empowerment and allowing you to clearly see your path forward.

Click here for video description of Light Connection Healing


With Andrea:
Mediumship – Tarot – Life
Join Andrea at her table for 1-on-1 insight as she connects with Spirit to deliver what will serve you on your present journey through your life’s many paths.

Mediumship/Tarot/Life Readings
30 minutes $75 , 60 minutes $120
Via phone : 60 minutes $120

Past Life Regression
Approx. 45 mins $90 
As you lie on a healing table, Andrea will walk you through two or three life times. The personalities of the lives that come through will be the ones needed to best serve you in your current circumstances.

With Kristi:
Intuitive Card Reading 30 min. $75, 60 min. $120 
Kristi has developed her own deck, the Intuitive Energy Cards. Aimed at helping you develop a deeper connection to your higher self,  this reading will help you focus on those areas that most need your attention and offer guidance from your own intuition on how best to proceed.

Spirit Drawings 
Approx. 45 min. $100
Kristi has been an artist for over 30 years. When our loved ones that have passed on come through her, she allows them take over her pencil and lets them draw their own version of a quick self portrait. What makes Kristi different? Her drawings come though UPSIDE DOWN! You take the drawing and a message from your loved one in spirit with you when you leave.

Akashic Record Reading
Approx. 45 mins $100
Take an interactive trip into your own past lives to discover the history behind patterns of behavior and relationships. Kristi will deliver words of guidance, support and insight from the Lords of the Records in answer to your questions. Need ideas for the best types of questions? Akashic Records Questions.

With Amy:
30 minutes $75, 60 minutes $120

Hearing messages from our loved ones who have passed on is a gift. Amy is very talented at this and would love the opportunity to deliver these messages to you. As a full time attorney, Amy has a way of always bringing forward the bottom line of the message.

Spiritual, Empath or Abundance Support:
1 Practioner $80 – 2 Practioners $150

Spiritual Support: Are you looking for a deeper Spiritual Connection? We will joyfully help you to find what makes your soul happy.
Empath Support:  Are you feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotions? Would it help to understand how to tell when a feeling is coming from someone else? We believe that being an empath is a super power and we can help you manage and embrace your empathic abilities.
-Abundance Support:  Are you struggling with trying to manifest abundance and still not seeing it show up in your life?  We can all create it in our lives.

3 Medium Event:
Experience  3 different types of mediumship with
Andrea, Kristi and Amy

$55/person for Center sponsored events
$1000 flat rate for private groups
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Emotional Healing Options:
We are emotion specialists! As empaths, we specialize in identifying what is at the heart of your emotional trouble and assisting you to move into emotional wellness. Stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and self-doubt are just some of the issues we regularly assist people with.

One-on-one counseling available with one or 2 practitioners.
Empowered Empath  available with one or two practitioners.
Rays of Light Connection is a group heart clearing offered several times per year.

Home & Business Smudging/Clearing/Blessing:
$75 -$200

Begin a new chapter in your life at home or in your business with a sage smudging. This action removes any old energy and replaces it with positive energy of a high vibration. Perfect for a new home or business or for a fresh start after a time of transition.

With a combined 50+ years of healing experience between us we are well equipped to help you achieve a higher level of wellness of mind, body & spirit. You don’t need to know what kind of healing you require. In our sessions we are divinely guided to provide exactly what is in your highest and best for precisely where you are in your life’s journey. In most cases the only thing you have to do is be willing to release what ever it is that has been holding you back without actually having to go deeply into it.